O Marina…!!! O Marina…!!!

We went to the Marina Beach recently on a saturday…After a heavy North Indian dinner from the Dhaba we headed straight for the beach just to have an ice cream…the 10 of us….after listening to some gud music we got down and i asked everyone their flavours for the ice cream…if there were just one or two its not a big thing…but carefully keeping in mind what the others wanted i walked up to a Kwality Walls vendor( he would have thought i was a nut coz i was muttering to myself abt the flavours)…….

he asked “what ice cream do you want?”

I asked” what flavours do you have?”

” choco block,fruit n nut,feast,choco bar,cussata,butter scotch,mago-tango,almond crunch,(and one more flavour which i couldnt catch )” and he sighed

” i want 4 choco blocks” i said ,counting 4 fingers ,” 2 butterscotch,2 fruit n nuts, 1 plain choco bar and……” i left the sentence hanging

the vendor was staring at me coz i went there alone and others were taking a stroll towards the waters and probably he would have wondered how a small girl could eat everything……
and coming back to square one i found that i had left one person…then i said

“i want 1 mago tango…..and not 4 but 5 choco blocks want only one butter scotch..” i finished counting 10 fingers

I knew i had messed it up but did not bother as people would not know anything in the dark……

The vendor gave me all wat i wanted and as he calculated the cost he was happy to see my uncle standing beside me…. atleat there was some one to pay me..he must have thought…

We walked in the beach sand slowly and we had walked almost half the distance..n then we thought …why not the other half also…so this time we walked quickly and reached the waters and we couldnt wait anymore…we just ran there and dipped our feets in..
you must be wondering whats so special about this ….everyone goes to the beach after all…but wait a minute …we were in the beach at 10 in the nite…wen people were returning we were going…ha ha..
Within 1o minutes all of us were drenched and we were enjoying to the core….coz it had been long since all of us went together to the beach…..and then wen we met….we had good time…we were all laughing and shouting and playing like tiny tots n.. after about half n hour with a heavy heart and dripping all the way to the car….we left….

thanx a lot for the wonderful evening O marina……!!!

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