Exams After Exams…..

I am talking about the exam after the exam…yes…the entrance exams…..After my exams got over on march 20 th I closed all my books and kept them safely in my cupboard so that they might turn up useful for my entrance..mind you I was planning on writing only TNPCEE and did not bother about any other entrance for the following reasons

Medical entrance
General view
This one gets you into the best of the medical colleges in the country

My view
..as a computer science student and an engineering aspirant it would not be wise on my part to write this ..so one down

General view
Almost all the students from the c b s e board and even some from the state board take up this exam after rigorous coaching from the FIIT-JEE centres to get into the IITs. One just can’t hope to clear it without the required preparation

My view
Being a student from the state board I felt I would not be able to cope with the standards of cbse and personally I feel that it would be inappropriate to attempt it without prior preparation( come on…ppl spend days n nights pouring over the books and I just can’t go n write it jus like that…). Students from the state board schools will definitely find it difficult coz cbse and state board are so different. As a student under both the boards I fell that cbse students are more broad minded in thinking..in the sense that they do not restrict themselves to the prescribed books and thereby they get the needed education..whereas state board students are mostly narrow minded in the sense that they always stick to the prescribed books and since they expect every word to be reproduced in the exam most of them end up mugging the contents without actually understanding what they read ..so two down


General view
This one gets you into the NIT and other deemed universities..NITs are supposed to be very good and hence forth one is assured of a bright future

My view
.most of them do not know why they write it..i am not telling about people who are ambitious of getting into NIT but the others who jus write it for the sake of writing a so called entrance examination..only a light-headed fool would get into a deemed university thru aieee and since the NIT closest my place is in Trichy , outside Chennai..i did not want to move out of Chennai and decided that it was not necessary for me to write it… three down

I was under the impression till 29th April that we would have this entrance for sure inspite of the endless debate on whether we would have the test or not. But against my wishes the government declared that the test would be scrapped keeping in mind the plight of the rural students

General view
This gets you into the colleges of Anna University in Tamil Nadu through counselling which would take in the entrance marks as well as the main subjects marks’ obtained from the 12th standard. Since the entrance was all application oriented one cannot expect to top it unless he is intelligent. So the combined marks from the two test could filter the cream students and then the rankings would be listed. This was the practice which was going on for about 7 years.. hmm…and so the fourth one down

My view
I wanted to attempt this entrance and was looking out for centres to join ,for my coaching, when the government scrapped the CET keeping in mind the “condition” of the rural students. The government did a blunder by scrapping the CET coz it was the only way of normalisation when the state had more than one board and only this could filter the students. Personally I feel that the present system of education does not test the IQ or the intelligence of a student, only the way he mugged the text coz they expect us to write the answers word to word…letter to letter …and all the punctuations included..So naturally the over-all standard of education comes down coz one cannot expect to keep mugging in colls were one has to refer about 4 to 5 books per subject..Next there are people who get centums in all the main subjects but with the marks from the entrance added there is a very minute possibility of having more than one student with the same mark..till date the government has not given any sensible way of ranking students who get the same mark..they actually suggested picking of lots , age priority and alphabetical order when it comes to students who get the same mark…seriously …!!!

Now that I am left with nothing more to do just enjoy the remaining months of my holidays the same way did the previous month I just remember having a conversation with my friend about a week after the boards
(name of the friend withheld coz I don’t want her slapping me when she reads this one)

“hey I am feeling really bored man..shall we go out for any movie..i’l book the tickets..just tell me the date…”
“ hey , no ash..i am really busy there days!!!”
“what keeps you so occupied???”
“well next week I have my IIT exam…”
“what for your writing IIT ? I thought you were planning to join SSN”
“no..just attempting it…”
“ k…wat abt the following week…?”
“ mmm ..I have to write SRM’s exam..”
“ you going for a deemed university?”
“ no..suppose I don’t get into SSN?”
“after that…”
“ I have some time for aieee and then I am writing BITSAT and then ….” She broke off looking at my face…”
“ wats wrong with you ash…”
“ I was just going to ask you that question you know…”
“ why?”
“ why the hell ar you writing so many tests inspite of the fact that you want to get into SSN?”
“ I am just keeping my options open yaar….” She said.
And I felt there was no point in counter argument, said bye and left!!!

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