“Ash…did u see the paper today?” mom asked me from the balcony thinking i had already woken up
” what….is it ma?” I asked her lethargically…..
“your 12th exam results will be declared by tomorrow..”
“really?” i replied struggling to sit in the bed.
” and your uncle said that he will be able to get ur results by today evening..”
“WHAT?” I Exclamied .
“yeah…so better start praying ” she said

I was beginning to feel nervous..i knew i hadnt done my papers very well and i had spent two months of holidays without giving it a thought..but now ..all of a sudden ..i wondered if everything was going to be fine..but my instinct told me it was never going to be on sunday..i was feeling very nauseous n i used to jump everytime the phone rang…thinking it was my uncle on the me my marks…the whole day was spoilt till i got a call in the evening from my uncle telling that he would get me the results the next day at around 10.oo am …then i felt better though i had a nice big chocolate……anyways..i’m keeping my fingers crossed..hoping for the best…..or rather..the worst…!

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