The Great Admission Tamasha!!!

So results out..and then now the admission process is in full swing….admission forms….long queues under the sun…it took me almost 5 days to get the admission forms…not from anna univ…but from a bank..i thank my lucky stars for this..coz i was one of the last ones to get the application form from the bank… rest were sold out! they’ve been listing in the papers the number of centums in each subject n in the main stream subjects and it makes me look as though i am way behind..but i still am confident coz i’ve applied for re-val n sure they’ll fetch me some marks…

back to square one…the gr8 tamasha which is going on..the criteria for admission…

first the individual subject marks

next the total
somewhat sensible…..coz ppl are taking my English n language marks into consideration for my engineering admission ..anyways …tis academic marks…agreed!

next seniority
somewhat absurd….most of my batch mates were born in 89 it means that i would be among the last in the list……

next is the best of all….by lot….
the system selects any one of the candidates randomly
no comments here….

there was a very obvious remedy to this “confusion” – the CET …which the Tamil Nadu government has scrapped for the benefit of the rural students ..but according to the statistics provided by the newspapers…approximately 1500 city students had scored the necessary engineering cut-off marks…but only 6 rural students(no approximation here) had the necessary cut-off…..this proves that despite the……”untiring ” efforts of the government to help the rural students……they have not benefited at all…except the 6 students …plus the entrance was the only way the institutions filtered the students who are really intelligent coz the one needs to really think for themselves n blind mugging will not help students score the way it helps in the public exams….hmm…anyways nothing is in our hands…..Almighty Save All Of Us From All This!!!

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  1. @ dravidianthank you! the way things are going around here….unless one has a good sense of humor… one cannot digest the so called….facts!


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