Money.. money … everywhere… not a cent to spend???

What! Your parents don’t give you enough pocket money? “is the first thing some one asks when one says that he does not have enough money to come for some one’s treat. I feel that it is advisable to give children a meagre sum when they are young and gradually increase it as they grow old so that they learn the value of money right from the start. Its no good teaching a spoilt-brat the importance of it after he comes to know that his parents can afford every need of his and has a never ending source of money

One group says:
Yes. It is indeed necessary to give children pocket money. So as they grow old they learn how to spend it judiciously and not waste it on whatever meets their eye. They see how their parents plan out the monthly expenditure and so in a similar way when they grow old they would follow the same pattern. Moreover giving them money and asking them to manage their small expenses also imparts them the way money has to be spent…say wisely….it makes them feel good and responsible…it can also inculcate the habit of saving money for a noble cause
Another group says
No. it is not necessary to give children pocket money coz they are too young to distinguish between what is good for them n what is not. They will be easily influenced by their friends and eventually succumb to peer pressure….and …for this they will need money…so when they have money…they will want to give in to those kinda deeds… since parents know what is good for their children they will get them the required and its not use giving the money to the children and asking them to take care of what they want.
Anyways…there are exceptions to everything …one cannot generalise any idea….but what I feel is that….let them be given a paltry sum in the beginning and it’s the duty of every parent to educate the child on what is important and how one should refrain from bad habits and hence the importance of money!

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