” Are you really out of your mind…close your books….and get some sleep…its 4 in the morning…”

“Hey why do u always ask me if i am angry or irritated with you..this irritates me….”

I always valued friendship…its something very different….but i realised the true meaning of friendship only some time back.its thought me so much of what even 14 years of education din’t teach me..i could go on saying that i have a wonderful set of friends…but of course that intimacy comes only from some… every morning i look forward to a good morning message from them and yea…it comes uninteruppted everyday..and its really nice to know that u are remembered by someone and even they like to begin their day thinking of you..just as you like to think about them…they become an integral part of your life..and without you realising you find that you feel at home when you are with them and you find yourself telling your worst kept secrets and sharing every precious second you have…with them..you turn on to them for advise and u trust their judgment than you trust yours…the small fights..the silly talks…the mundane conversations and gossips…the worst fight…all a part and parcel of life….you feel very secure..and your not worried to face the world when you have them by your side…they stand by you through thick and thin…and through all eternity……

Someone said…..” friendship isnt about who you have known the longest or who came first or who cares the best…its about who came and never left at all……”

Yea….thats the main thing….and thanks to all my close pals out there without whom this post is meaningles 🙂