Ha…unbelievable! Within a few months I will have completed my first year and of course… Not a junior any more…it seems just a week ago I had joined college and now……

…Now with just a few more weeks (which I am regularly told that it would fly like a jet) for the exams almost all the first years are busy preparing a schedule, to satisfy themselves or their parents and plan up for all those group studies and adopt various methodologies for preparation…let me give you a tour of my daily schedule….
04.00 : good morning
Alarm goes off and get up with great difficulty
Poor me I was up for a long time last night

04.05 : snooze the alarm and get back to sleep 10 more minutes

04.25 : alarm goes off again. Sis asks me to switch it off as it disturbs her.
Obeying her I switch it off
How can I not listen to what akka says

06.00 : mom wakes me up… She mocks me saying”someone wanted to
Get up by 4”
Hmm…what is wrong if I woke up late one day?

06.30 : enjoy a strong coffee wit the newspaper
General knowledge is important

07.00 : study

08.00 : morning refreshments!

09.00 : break up for breakfast
That’s the most important meal of the day!

10.00 : continue with studies!
Refer Bhakshi and Ramesh Babu and all others

11.00 : take a break…watch TV
Yea…Need a diversion of mind!

12.00 : walk to the kitchen at least a dozen times to make sure that I get my lunch at 1.00

12.30 : friend calls up for doubts (believe me…it was just for doubts but
It just got carried awayJ )

01.00 : lunch!

02.00 : drowsy…so sit in the computer and play games or come online

03.00 : back to work!

04.00 : try my best not to come out of the room…

05.00 : cant do it….sit in the verandah on the swing for some time!

06.00 : have a wash and start anew

07.00 : watch FRIENDS
I missed some episodes so just watch the repeat show

08.00 : watch k³

08.30 : dinner

09.00 : back to work…but on a slower note…..

10.00 : call it a day and decide to sleep…will continue in the morning!

10.30 : message other friends and discuss the days work…

11.00 : good night!

And yea…the schedule is a bit different during the week ends…with no time to spare in the evening for err…..the main reason we’re given holidays for!