SEVEN reasons I prefer Shah Rukh Khan to others

  • He looks too good and is a damn good actor
  • Even Kabir Khan couldn’t have done chak de so well
  • He is an awesome dancer and his steps are not restricted to just aerobics
  • None can be so romantic other than SRK-kajol…. The best Jodi ever
  • And next to the rain…this lucky charm helps India win any match…be it hockey or twenty-twenty…it really works! Believe me!
  • Mind you he is a gold medalist in economics and he speaks well…be it English or Hindi or Tamil… (Remember in OSO…………….)
  • He is an all rounder… in the sense….

* He is a very good hockey player; his team was the runners up in one world cup
* He is an excellent music teacher
* The best mafia who ever existed
* The perfect Raichand son
* The fabulous basketball player
* A violin teacher too
* The stupendous chef
* He was even a king! And lots more……………………

P.S. in case you are wondering about the last few lines…well…its his roles in his varoious films….

5 thoughts on “SEVEN reasons I prefer Shah Rukh Khan to others

Add yours

  1. i m not his gr8 fan.. still..srk is a living legend.. no1 can deny that… he is a wizard.. remarkable..i must confess that he has a splendid sense of humour…but sorry to say this.. when it comes to acting..he can never surpass kamal.. as a matter of fact no1 can…


  2. @satyanyup….whose gonna follow schedules and stuff? lol 🙂@dilipi am surprised you had the heart to say that srk is good.,,,that too..the comment coming from you…..gr8!but still SRK ROCKS!!!@ it depends on…PERFECT COMPARISON


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