Why I prefer being a girl!

Sometimes when I think about it,I feel that it’s better that I am a girl because,

  • There are only two sides to all your problems…your side and the wrong side.
  • You (girls) get to enjoy so many benefits like, seats and compartments reserved especially for women.
  • You are never the cause of accidents on the road (even if we are).
  • You are never the reason for any mischief in our house (but this is valid only if u have a brother…else you are gone!).
  • You have varieties in everything…from your outfit to your accessories to the color of your nail polish and lip-gloss to anything.
  • You can openly say that u use a face cream!
  • You can burst into tears at any point of time.
  • You can escape the traffic police when your caught for not wearing a helmet or for over speeding .
  • In life threatening situations you are always rescued first.
  • And yea …a single drop of tear can do wonders!!!!

20 thoughts on “Why I prefer being a girl!

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  1. Ya.. i agree with u in all those cases.. but i can suggest numerous cases where being a boy is a real boon… cm on… gals r so soft…


  2. Hey Dilip i agree that enormous reasons can be suggested for supporting the boys’ side.. but urupadiyaa irukanu la..hehe.. think over!


  3. yea i agree with all those u have written there…especially that mischief in our house…i have experienced a lot as i have a sis..and the next one those varieties in every thing..from top to bottom..u people(girls) spend a lot..that too if u have a boy friend…thats the end of him..and that next point about wearing helmet…u can never see my sis wearing a helmet…and u can never see me out without wearing a helmet..and about the last point a single drop of tear is as deadly as nuclear weapon r even more…


  4. saari, nammaluku, idea illai. aana nalla ezhudiruku. adhan paatu padichaanga… aaru adhu aalam illai, adhu serum kadalum aalam illai, aalam yedhu ayya, andha pombalai manasu dhan ya… OK Bye nammal sowcarpet poran.


  5. Well, not only this.. it is really something very nice to be a girl.. and once you realise it,you start having a wonderful feeling whenever you think that u are a girl!!


  6. Ashwini,Nice blog Buddy.Was just mooning around the webspace checking the blogs from Chennai and stumbled on yours.Looking forward to your next posting.K.Kiran,onesnzeroes.blogspot.com


  7. @mahacheers!!!@hariniyea…its equally tough being girl…but i prefer to be girl…rather than a guy…but sometimes its really tough being a guy too@ it depends onguess you have had a first hand experiece in all this 🙂@pseudonymromba thanks!


  8. @karthik@mohanyea…girls know how to get things done 🙂@ramyai totally agree with you@ratheeshyea…this is no longer just a male dominated world!@green daythank you 🙂


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