18..What now?

At last…at long last…after waiting for 18 years now i can proudly say i am no longer a child..or…an adolescent any longer..i am an adult now……cool

When i was an adolescent i use to think that being an adult was really cool… you have your own responsibilities..your parents will not be behind your back for each and everything …you get to go out with your friends as and when you like and all those fantasies we read in books…..

But now..when i am actually an adult…i just see no difference in my lifestyle or any of my way of doing things..I‘ve realised its not just what we read in books and all those wonderful fantasies but its all about leading a more responsible life and not just about parties and stuff. we know our position in life…we know what we want in life and we are all set to achieve our own feat. Our parents are a little more relaxed on us as they give us a free hand to select what we want but still they are always there for us…though some people think no end of themselves and they distance themselves from their parents …inviting unnecessary troubles for themselves…but yea….i like the way i was a child…not that I dont want to be an adult and shoulder any responsibility but ..they way my parents and sister care for me and treat me as the lil one at home….i enjoy being given importance in that way….anyway…the transformation is not yet of any marked difference for me but i just hope that it turns out good for me….the transformation!

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