One Year of Blogging

I’ve done it.. 🙂 It’s been almost one year of blogging..and I give myself a pat for the so-called good work that i think i have been doing .Though my posts are not extra ordinary like many others’ which i have been reading on a regular basis.,I don’t wanna give up,but try improving my writing at least till someone says it’s ‘ok’ and at least till I am satisfied..Having posted around 30+posts I feel its good, as a beginner….and I think I have to be a bit more regular and update it frequently. And not to forget a big Thank You to all those valuable comments posted by my friends and other eminent bloggers ..I couldn’t have thank you more ,for patiently reading my blog.

2 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging

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  1. hey … firstly i love ur writing.. i havent been in the blogworld for quite some time cos i felt i coundnt write for nuts n didnt wanna make a fool outa myself …but now i jus wanna write the best i can n try to improve rather than giving up..btw my blogs updated.. chk it out when u can :p


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