Semester Exams…..

I was used to writing exams…of course….14 years of education had taught me something…but after listening to all those stories from my seniors and cousins ..about Anna univ exams… i was scared out of my wits… every time i ask my sis..she always emphasizes on the words luck, luck and luck. she says you cane never ever predict how much you can score….. there is very chance that a student who is confident enough that he would definitely get above 80% could get well below the required limit….and a person who just hopes and prays that he should escape with at least a pass…could get over 90%…such are the miracles these exams can create…

It’s not just an exaggeration …but i have seen people who have been at the receiving end of all these kind of problems and i wonder how many have lost hope in the so-called education system and let everything take its own place its own pace…in spite of a key being given and so many hands the papers go through why are some sides left uncorrected…making a difference of a pass or fail? why do they take just 3 minutes to evaluate a paper which is written for 3 hours and prepared for 6 months…? if this is going to be the method of evaluation… can one ever produce quality engineers…..marks is the only way one would be able to judge a student…but if the very marks are not evaluated and presented properly…how can we ever judge a student? how many students have not been given their recognition they actually deserve because of someone else’s mistake? the answer to this …is what my sister puts in……LUCK… instead of toiling for those exams…..its wise to spend some time…praying….praying…..praying.

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