Wow…..9 months ago…i remember entering my coll….everything new, everything atmosphere,new people,new surroundings….god…everything new from a to z….and now…when i look back at those 9 months..i am filled with a sense of ecstasy and contentment on realizing that my new beginning had gone on well and i am more than satisfied with it… the environment was friendly and it had a lot of positive energy coming from it as far as i was concerned and yea…time just flew by..and before i realized i was writing my sems and now…I’ve finished my first year of engineering ….

And now…i am just looking forward for the next year and it feels good to be a senior for a few…though we are still the juniors for a majority..but still who cares 🙂 .
one year gone…another’s come… so i just hope that we carry on our sweet memories of the first year…leaving behind all those hatred and negative thoughts and look forward to a better way of life!