Man!… what a change…..
I couldnt believe my eyes when i landed in the Nedumessery Airport in Cochin a few days back to spend a few days there…as a part of my vacation…it was almost 5 years since we had moved out of cochin and settled in chennai…after a long four year stay in cochin….initially all of us found it a bit difficult to adjust to the just developing city after we were in a metro for those many years…it was just developing then…
* there was no traffic in the road at 9 pm…..
* roads were deserted by 9 30 pm
*roads were narrow and on sundays you can enjoy a cup of tea leisurely on the road….
*it was quite a bit of a task finding any mode of conveyance at the early hours of the day or at late hours in the night.
* flats were just developing , there was no problem of congestion
* all shops were strictly closed on sundays…..
* neighbours were not very sociable but they always give you a smile….:)
* the I.T boom had not made an impact there yet
* you have to go to the ofees b 9 and go to the temble in the evening
at present….
* there is hell a lof of traffic on the roads……
* even at 9 30 pm….you have to wait far behind for the green signal….signs of people working and developing culture….
*roads are still narrow but then you have more and more cars on the road…though not as much as what you would find in Chennai….
* ice cream shops are open till 11.00 pm 🙂
* you have a mall there…..bay pride mall…..
* autos have raised their tariffs from Rs 7 to Rs 10 ……
* people are friendlier and socialise better
*people go to the office at 9..thought temble remains the same…..( just kidding….)
* you have some autos working 24*7
* there are so many flats developing around but yet to be bought or occupied……
*some shops and the mall works on sundays too….
* the I.T boom has started to make an impact there…..
and yea…what a change!……cochin is definetely going in the right direction of becoming a ‘developed’ city… the near future….carving an identity for itself in this competitive world…

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  1. Ashwini,If it is Cochin,12 hours which I had spent there a few years back, comes to mind.The only thing I remember is Rajiv Gandhi Stadium and the adjacent Oil&Gas company.temble,ofees…..LolHave a nice day,K.Kiran.


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