‘Pic’ N ‘Mix’

I love ice creams…..i am just mad about them.. from vanilla to chocolate to black current to spanish delight to fig and honey to rum and raisin to brownie + vanilla ice cream to mango to orange to strawberry to all the exotic favours you can ever think of…..i simply am crazy about them…. and thats when i found this interesting place in cochin…….’Pic’ N ‘Mix’

‘Pic’ N ‘Mix’ is the very first place i think of when i just hear a whisper of the word ice cream some half a mile away….its my all time favourite because….

*** irrespective of whether i have an exotic flavour or just a simple one….i am charged the same for both…..

*** i can have as many scoops of ice creams i want…to my heart’s content….literally….picking my flavour and mixing it with the others….

***we have a free hand to choose our toppings….whether we need black current sauce or strawberry sauce.. or almond sauce ..its up to us…

***and as for the rates…..our mixture of ice creams are weighed and it costs 25 paise per gram…..ok…this was 6 years back…but now because of the development and changes cochin is undergoing…it has been increased by 3 paise….to 28 paise….. 🙂

***its open from 11 to 11

what more could i ask for???

3 thoughts on “‘Pic’ N ‘Mix’

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  1. Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God!are u for real???ur making my drool big time…im stuck here paying 12 bucks for one cheap scoop of vanila ice cream n you get it for so less… ive even payed upto 140 at baskin robbins for an ‘exotic’ flavour…. god ur the luckiest now everytime i eat an ice cream im gonna think of you…


  2. @harini yes harini…the place is too good and man….the ice creams are awesome!!!@karthikhey thanks….sure.. i will visit yours…do keep commenting on mine too….cheers!


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