Traveling by Train

I was under the impression that traveling by train was a boring experience and I never really looked forward to it until one day…

…it was a family trip and we were going to Cochin from Bombay looking forward for a good holiday …when around 12 to 14 of us were traveling together…apart from the usual chatting and gossiping of the adults and all those olden day stories of how they were brought up…luckily, my brother who was reminded of the cards pack only at the last minute…had to put it only in the small bag he was carrying …along with his tazzos and video games…. so when everyone was just starting to get bored…he was reminded of the cards and asked us if we would join him in a game…we welcomed his decision as we had practically nothing at all to do….initially it was just 4 of us but then eventually people started joining in…and finally all of us in the bay were playing cards….my grandfather…whom we call ” the king of cards” kept teaching us new tricks and new card games….I was under the impression that we could play only bluff, ass and dick with a pack of cards. but my grandpa had many games like trump and literature, the most interesting of all.. each having its unique rules and confusing all of us…and a game called crazy 7…somewhat similar to UNO…with different rules and goodness….Ii made the mistake of my life sitting next to my grandpa while playing bluff……Ii kept trying all possible ways…but still he always found out when Ii was bluffing and he also made sure i had a minimum of 20 cards to hold at any given time…and till date..Ii haven’t got the guts to play bluff with him….:)..

and another time…..I did not feel it would make any difference when I saw the ticket my dad had booked…the train was a shatabdhi….from Chennai to Bangalore…but man! how mistaken I was….there were a continuous supply of snacks from the beginning till the end. a good pass time actually….waiting and debating as to what would come next…. and being a small girls then..I was later told that I made such a fuss for a such a small issue…:) … .it was then that I learnt that shatabdhi trains always had a pantry car and they serve these delicacies…..and so the next time we made a plan to go by train…I insisted that dad book tickets only in the shatabdhi…..but poor me… said there are only a few shatabdhis at certain rules…. and ever since I made that so-called fuss..which I hardly remember….its been long since dad took me to Bangalore… ” dad…could you just take me to Bangalore in the shatabdhi train…..I miss the food….sorry…I miss Bangalore a lot :)”.

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  1. Ashwini,Nothing can beat the train Journey and long drives on Bike.Buddy,you need to change the background colour and as well the font colour so that it will be more comfortable for the reader.Have a nice day,K.Kiran.


  2. @rajjiyea..even while travelling alone you never get to feel lonely..@kiranthanks a lot for your tip…i have changed it….@dachchuthe food…yes yes…thats the main reason i like travelling by shatabdhi 🙂cheers!!


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