Exam Results…..

There were a lot of rumours regarding our results….some said it will be out by the first week of july..some said mid july…some said it would be released along with our senior’s results…some said there might be a delay in our results as were had the annual pattern and wrote our exams only after the seniors finished with theirs. ..from july 1st i was receiving countless sms saying that we were likely to get our results in the forthcoming days listing so many websites ( where the results would be published) which i hadn’t even heard of…

On thursday, 3rd of july…as usual i received many messages stating that we were to get our results that day at around 10 pm(nothing out of the ordinary as i would get the same msg everyday)…but luckily when i checked the sites at 10…there was not a single mention of any results being released. I was up till 12 that day …trying to finish my mountain load of work…when i received a message from one of my friends stating that the results were released . i was not scared this way…even when i appeared for the exams. and then..half scared , half praying i switched on my system and i went to the usual anna univ website….there was nothing displayed…..i again messaged him asking about the site in which he had checked his results..he said it was 123ugofroo.com… at that instant i was thinking of nothing else but just about the marks i would probably obtain…it din strike me that the name of the site was a bit funny…. when i could not find anything about the results……i once again messaged him…. asking for the correct url….and he replied that it was all just a prank……god! i was so angry and irritated…come on.. there is a time and place for playing a prank on someone….cursing… i went back to my work and i got a call from my friend…he said the results were out…i asked him almost 10 times if it was a genuine call….and yea…indeed the results had come…without any prior information form the university…they released it just like that..when one was least expecting it….but i feel its better…it happens suddenly….than waiting for it for days and weeks….i’ve been through it before….so this was something different…usually we get tensed atleast say one week before the results( 12the exam results for instance) are to be released but i was tensed say for 5 minutes….thats it…and lo…i had my marks with me…..88.6 percent…not bad i thought..and the first thing i did was to open the pooja shelf and thank god…..then i just ran to the room were my parents were sleeping and woke them up with my marks….they seemed happy and the best thing was my sis …waking up, shaking hands with me and asking me what she was supposed to say…and then she was like congrats and slept off…and i was on cloud nine literally… then i was online for about 3 hours…till 3 30 …calling up my friends and checking their scores in the dead of the night ..and finally when i could no longer resist…just went to bed..and closed my eyes and it seemed to me that the next minute ma was like ” get up..time for coll” and it was then i realised that it was all over…the tension, the excitement, the anxiety in just a fraction of seconds and it was much much better than the usual trauma……

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