My Dear Angel….

How much we love them. How much they mean to us.How much we depend on them. I could probably keep rambling about this. Everyone who is blessed with a sibling will agree with me. I just wanted to write something about the Most special person in my life. I owe so much to her..My Adorable Sister 🙂

I still remember the day I told my Mother that I hated my sister from deep inside and I just wished she wasn’t my sister I was 6 then and this happened after I took her chocolate and mom asked me to give it back to her.
I still remember the day, I fell from my cycle ( Read My Cycle Story)..I was bleeding profusely, scared out of my wits and in terrible shock and had an excruciating pain, when she held me close and said.,”Don’t worry darling, I’m here for you, I’ll not let anything happen to you” and hugged me. This was when I turned 10.
I still remember the day I fought with her over a computer game, saying it was my turn to play, and when she did not bother listening to me, I told her, I would never speak with her, till my last. I was 12 then.
I still remember the day I had a terrible flu, and had taken a day off from school. She walked up to me and kissed me on my forehead and said,”Hey.You are so lucky! You got a day off from school, Take care.”. I was 15 then.
I still remember the day, when she asked me for then pen which dad had got me and I rudely told her I wouldn’t give it. She just walked away without another word..But  I felt guilty and stopped her and gave her the pen.
My sister, My lovable sister.I am filled with  a sense of pride when I think of her and it gives me immense pleasure just to utter her name.She means the world to me.I love her so much, to the extent that I wonder if there could be anything else in the world much more than my love for her.We were young.We grew.We fought.We shared and yeah,We loved each other. She used to help me with everything even before I could ask for it and I look upon her for everything as well. We’ve had some of the best moments of our lives together. Nothing can be more bizarre than some of our late night conversations.Our new experiments in the kitchen..God. She was so sweet and she still remains the same.There can never be anyone in the world like her.So caring.So loving.
Love you loads sis!
Missing you so much!

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  1. love you too… my baby sister…. the feelings are mutual…. cos you are THE one person in this world with whom i can be just myself without and inhibitions… though we fight a lot(even now), i know that we love each other very much…. and hey.. this is my first comment in your blog…. happy???? 🙂


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