Friend : hi
Me :Hi
Friend : Whats wrong with you? you din talk to me even yesterday…
Me : Sorry…something came up…I was a lil busy….
Friend : busy? Are the president or what? you are just a student and so am I and I’m  never preoccupied with stuff.
Me : No..its not that.,its just that i have to devote more time for my work and unfortunately less time with you…but…
Friend : whatever….bye
Me : Hmm….sorry..bye

This is something common among Friends.Misunderstandings and silly arguments at times can even cost you their friendship.So in order to stay clear of everything,we always need to talk it out and it really really works wonders. trust me!

So thinking about it,I decided to call up my friend and tell him exactly in what position I was in, but he refused to listen to me.Though I had to convince him that I would not repeat my mistake( which he kept saying i did…) , I thought he’d ought to know what was actually going on in my mind.

My dear friend,
I am extremely sorry if you feel I have been ignoring you for the past few days,but that’s not the truth.How could I ever ignore a friend like you? I know it must have been boring for you and irritating too at times, when I could not talk to you, but sorry to say this,you have been talking only about yourself,your irritation, your anger , your feelings.yea I truly understand, but did you, even at one point of time stop to think about me? If I had spoken to you about this,you would have immediately said that I was mistaken.Sorry to say,but it was you who mistook me.Just because I don’t get to talk to you or chat with you doesn’t mean that I forget you or  ignored you.

Just because I could not come with our gang doesn’t mean I was avoiding you,I had some other priorities like every other human being does. Even I get tired..Did you think about it at least once? As soon as you get home you want me to just keep talking to you? Am I not human? Don’t I deserve some rest? After a tiring day at college, I do need time for rest right? Only after an hour or so ,I get started on with work and assignments and assessments and report submissions..to what not.It takes so much of time for a single job to be done,that too with perfection.

You can probably imagine.By the time I go to bed., I have to literally drag my feet and wish good morning to myself rather than good night.It happens most of the time and in between when i keep getting distracted by others, how will I be able to complete my work in the time I wanted it to be done? Do you know how much it irritates to get distracted from something when you are clearly aware of what is distracting your concentration and still you are not able to avoid it? And after all this your job is simple. You say I ignore you in spite of me taking efforts to talk to you .amidst all my work..When i tried to tell you this..you said that I didn’t even know what the word friendship meant and you said I was not worthy of being any one’s friend.

 Did you realize how much you’d hurt me? In spite of  knowing that I was not at fault I came and apologized to you for some mistake which i did not do in the first place. Do you honestly try to understand my feelings…you mock at me saying I am always doing something.,but you think I enjoy working late nights, depriving myself of sleep and slogging ? You honestly think I like it that way? All those times I was totally stressed out..had you just said., “I understand….Take care” how much it would have meant to me?

Well my intention was not to hurt you in any way.If i had done it inadvertently, I’m very sorry.I was just trying to explain my situation to you. Next time,just try putting your feet in my shoes ,see things the way I do.You would then understand the reason behind my actions.or the reason for me acting in a particular way which might be weird to you..Even now I am not accusing you of anything.I know you never meant to hurt me,but its just that you did it without realizing .But it’s ok, you know why? I’m your friend..I do understand, sometimes it happens that way.


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