The Disadvantages Of Speaking The Truth!

Weird? let me tell you how its not!

everyone wants to be either A Harishchandra or A Mahatma when it comes to speaking the truth.,but seriously we would end up with more worries and troubles …so much so ,that we sometimes feel we should have either kept quiet or just said something politely.The following instances prove it.

Incident 1:
One day my mom asked me,”How is the malai koftha today?”
It was not up to her usual standards. So i said ,”Hmm…it is kind of different…not that its not good..but i’d prefer your usual ones….”and before I could finish my sentence I was told that henceforth I would not be given malai koftha

Incident 2:
My sister was explaining one particular difficult concept which I was not able to follow.She tried again and again  but nothing got into my head.I tried my best to concentrate on what she was teaching and after about half an hour I was able to get something vaguely of what she was teaching and before I was clear with one concept she jumped off to the another and I got confused, but decided to keep quiet.When she asked later if I was clear with the concept, I said,”Yea..a bit..but I could not understand everything.
” $#%^&@*&  ” she said
” That was what I was explaining all this while..”,.and she threw the book and stormed off and yelled at me,saying that never ever would she teach me anything at all. That wasn’t funny you know 🙂

Incident 3
Something similar to Incident 1 but it happened with my aunt.
She had called me and my sis for lunch one day and after serving the first course I noticed a sweet and since I loved sweets,I asked her what it was. Aunt asked me to guess. I said “Mysorepa”. My sis was like, ” Some Halwa I think”. My aunt was not pleased and frowning she said ” You both don’t even know this? This is a Badam cake”. We embarrassingly apologized for not having guessed it properly, when it was kind of obvious.

My sister, in order to make up for aunt’s disappointment. said, “Aunty, everything was good, but this Vegetable mix which you made, it was nice. It was different actually, I think you made it with coconut oil by mistake. Not a problem though, just a small difference between the one you usually make and the one we had today. Overall, Very Nice. I loved it.”

I couldn’t control my laughter and almost spat  the water I was drinking. My wonderful sister had confused the “Avial” which my aunt had prepared, for something else. I was wondering how Aunt would react to this. She said” Oh, so you  did not like my Avial? That’s how it should be prepared, I’ve been doing it for years now. Your Uncle loves it..blah blah blah.” My sister did not know what to do, and then on the pretext of having received a phone call, she went out.

Later, at home , my sister said ” Ash, did I say anything wrong? That curry or Avial or whatever was truly horrible”. I just looked at her innocent expression and said, ” Na, you are not at fault.nothing wrong on your part ” and I thought to myself, “Aunt is never going to invite us, again”  Lol.

Incident 4:
I have this friend who always wants to sport a new look. Sometimes its ok, sometimes its bad, and so was her latest look.Her hair was unevenly cut and her hair color was B-A-D! When she asked me, “Ash how do I look?” It took all my willpower to refrain from saying she looked odd, and I said, “you looked prettier in your previous hairdo, this is nice though”. I guess my words did not match up with the expression on my face, so from then on, she never asks me anything about her new .err…styles . Lol.

One comes across many such instances everyday. At some places, it is better to utter a lie, for the benefit of the other so that we don’t end up hurting our loved ones or even a third person….as illustrated above! So,.Now tell me.Is it easy to speak the truth round the clock,irrespective of who you are talking to ?

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  1. and the topic, well. there is a word called “bulls-eye” right ? what you said was right. truth always has obstacles. maybe we should choose to hide it sometimes and maybe sometimes we reveal it. but the choice of sharing the truth shouldn't be used for self. if i am a bastard and if i want a girl friend, i will definitely hide the truth. So, whose at loss ? the one innocent. maybe talking truth hurts us, yea. i guess, in my view, talking truth really hurts us and that shudnt stop us from saying truth thereafter. truth shall prevail after all tests on our endurance are complete.

    nyway, nice post.


  2. @ Hariharan Valady
    Thank you 🙂

    @ Thephoenixarts
    These incidents stand out always, when I think of them. 🙂 Thanks 🙂

    I was just trying to bring out the funny side of speaking the truth, though in reality, any day, I would speak the truth or keep quiet and avoiding telling anything, which is not.

    Thank you :).


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