India’s most distressing day

November 26, 2008 dawned on just like any other day in Mumbai ….children left for their schools and colleges…people left for their office as usual..and the rest were busy with their household chores and life was normal there…in the afternoon and in the evening…it seemed no different from the morning…people were going about their usual routine..
Let us just assume the following two instances…

There was this person in Andheri west…who wanted to take his wife and children for dinner…to celebrate his anniversary…They set out for the Taj Mahal hotel…near the gateway…unaware of what would happen to their lives in the due course of an hour…of course….”Heaven hides from its creatures…the book of FATE”.. So this happy family…went out for dinner and did not make it back home…
There was this foreign couple who were on a holiday in Mumbai and were just enjoying a drink in the bar, in the Taj Mahal Hotel…laughing and talking away to glory….little did they know that it was the last ten minutes or so ..not only in India…but in this world
This is just the story of two such people..who were killed in that fateful encounter on Wednesday night in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai…killed not by an natural mishap but by terrorists who had plotted to kill the lives of thousands of such innocent people…well knowing what impact it could have on the lives on those whom they were planning to kill..and the innocent masses.,. and still pursuing such a dastardly deed …
Approximately 10 terrorists entered the county through the waters of the Arabian sea and entered Mumbai through the Gateway of India..Situated opposite the Taj Mahal Hotel..Spread to as many as locations as possible with just two things in mind..1…”to hold as many as hostages as possible or fire randomly at the public….” 2.” kill..kill…kill…till the last breath”. With this mindset they entered Mumbai, spread to the Taj hotel, The Oberoi Hotel, The Trident hotel, Nariman point, The Cama hospital, Chatrapathi Shivaji terminus and many more places…and gunned down many people, partially accomplishing what they intended to.. Thanks to the splendid and untiring efforts of the security personnel, right from the Police to the NSG Commandos..they gave in their utmost to save as many as lives as possible, risking their own lives..putting their nation and the lives of the public…before their lives.
What kind of a person could actually do this ghastly deed? It was found that all those terrorists were youngsters of the age group 18 to 25. In today’s world, when everyone in every corner of the world is trying to carve a niche for himself in the history of mankind..(in a good way ..I must emphasize on the word “good”) ..what did these terrorists gain? They killed so many and ended up being killed …of course they would have know the pros and cons of what they were doing..Considering that it was an intensively planned operation, I wouldn’t even call them human beings….monsters..heartless monsters…and it served them right for being shot dead by the armed forces..but still the harm was done and the pain was inflicted..but think about it..there was so much of hatred in those monsters that they were ready to even let themselves be killed…(I wouldn’t say sacrifice..not for these people)..for some fanatical cause. Fine. To hell with them.
What about the lives of the others who were mercilessly killed? The General manager of the Taj Mahal Hotel, lost his wife and kids and still he continued to aid the commandos, Hemant katkare, the ATS chief lost his life while leading the forces at the Cama hospital, and so many others, lost their lives…The Maharashtra government has given a compensation…yes..But would that money give back their beloved ones? Would it restore the happiness, in the kith and kin of the deceased? Officers and commandos come and go..but only their family will continue to mourn their loss and miss them forever. My heart goes out to all those beloved family members of the Martyrs, who laid down their lives to save the life of others , we might just talk about it…for a day , for a week..or at the utmost…for a month..But it’s their family..who’ll be entwined in the memories of their loved ones, till their last.
It was, Indeed, a black day for the nation. May god bless the families of the deceased. May the souls of the departed, rest in peace.

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