The Dear Departed

When he called me..I said…” wait a minute grandpa…I’ll be right back…”

When I called out to him…asking him to wait for a minute….he went and never came back..
My Grandpa

 A humanitarian..So noble…So selfless…So loving… So affectionate….So compassionate.. I could go on and on. He taught me the true meaning of love. No one else could have probably loved me more than him. But now…everything is just a memory…though he still continues to live in my heart…I terribly miss his warmth and affection and his smiling face. As the old saying goes…we realize the value of something only in its absence..holds good for me too.I’m no exception in this.

One might just wonder what was incredibly special about him… it would be unreasonable on my part to list out what he’s done for me and sis…so I’ll just write a few very very special moments..with him
  • · He has this habit of getting up early in the morning…say around 4..and he calls his brother after about an hour. One day it so happened that he dialed my number by mistake. So we were just talking and he asked me how I managed to get up so early. I said I was preparing for a monthly test and he wished me. Later in the evening when I called him..I said that I’d done by test remarkably well only because he’d wished me. From that day…he used to call me up every morning of my test and wish me and never once did he forget to wish me…….
  • · He used to play cards with me and sis. Despite being a busy person even in his later years, he used to spend time with me and sis playing cards or taking us for a walk or even making fresh juices for us. Every weekend spent there was indeed memorable.
  • · He’ll be the first one to wish us on our birthdays or on any occasion. He used to surprise us a lot , saying he wouldn’t be able to come to our house as he had a work in Perambur or somewhere…and just when we least expected him he used to turn up with that sweet smile of his.
  • · I generally eat sweets, most of them..but my sis is very choosy..she eats very selected ones and ask her what she wants…she’ll say I want Mysore pa from Krishna sweets, Wheat halwa from Shree Mithai and Son pari from Haldirams. I have a special craving for Rasagullas. And every time he used to come and visit us, he used to get what we like and that too specifically for sis, from the place where she likes.
  • · Even when he’s not well he makes it a point to visit us almost every Monday , just to see our faces..even if we’d visited him the previous day. Despite having a car and a two wheeler for his personal use, he comes only by bus. But when I need to go to the bakery down the street he’ll always come with the car key and ask me or rather plead me not to walk and then I’ll have to convince him to take the two wheeler instead.
  • · He used to make me strong cups of tea or coffee, If by chance I happened to get up before my grandma and he used to ask me for every mouthful if the sugar was ok, if it was hot enough, or if I need more milk. …he makes yummy fruit salads and when we’re at his place, they day is never over without at least on ice cream.
  • · He used to help me with crossword puzzles and he used to pacify ma and sis when we’d fight over trivial stuff.
  • · He always used to advice me to believe in god and obey our parents and not to hurt anyone and not to betray anyone’s trust, something, whose importance I realize today.
He said that his last wish was for me and my sis to live beyond our dreams and expand our own horizon and come out in flying colors and live up to his name. I do earnestly hope that we live up to what he expected from us because, he said that only after we’d fulfilled his last wish, will his soul rest in peace!
Dear Grandpa,
Miss you so much. Though you are not here to see us today…I’m sure you must be watching us from heaven… we need your blessings to come up in life. We’ll surely fulfill your last wish…Love you for all eternity.

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  1. I can feel your pain.
    When we love someone deeply and that love is returned, that person never goes away. Close your eyes and he will be next to you. I am not kidding. Go on, try it.


  2. I had tears in my eyes.
    I could relate so much with your post Ashwini.. 🙂
    Lost my grandfather 2 years back.
    Whenever I am happy, I still dial his number, granny picks up the phone. Then his absence hits me so much.
    I have not even changed the name for the number. 🙂
    A wonderful post Ashwini.. You are really really lucky to enjoy the love.. 🙂


  3. @ India's no 1 blog.

    @ Spicy Sweet
    Thanks for the appreciation, it should actually go to my Grandfather, since he was the one who showered me with love and I'm just recounting them.
    WHat you say is true, sometimes we take it that they are still with us, and suddenly we realize they are not, those are the most painful moments in life.


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