Kya Jodi rab ne bana di yaar!

After SRK’s latest movie was released….I was fortunate to get tickets for the movie within the first week of its release…and arrey yaaar…..kya story….kya movie….kya acting thi SRK ki

After reading the reviews about the movie in many leading newspapers…I was actually disappointed….coz people kept saying there was a flaw in the storyline and it was not one of Aaditya Chopra’s best…but seriously…why on earth do we go for movies? We want some entertainment…some time away from the strenuous and monotonous routine of our lives…some time to relax; with a pop corn and French fries…or rather…I watch a movie only for the mentioned reason
 I watch a movie…enjoy it…if it was really good…I’d get its DVD…and maybe talk about the film with my pals…that’s it…and if I did not like a movie..I would have cursed myself for having spent 200 bucks on something which was not worth it…but yea….it’s all in the game of life. I wouldn’t keep blaming the film…why the hero, who had won several Filmfare, awards before did not do his part well….why the debut actress was so expressionless…how the director lost his touch with a break from films..All that’s so lame. There are so many people, including me, who loved the film, so next time someone writes a review, my sincere request is to restrain themselves from writing how they felt…but to write a liberal review of the film, and seriously I don’t mean only for SRK films…for any actor, PLEASE!
The cast and the sets were simple; the storyline was good and told in a very good way. The songs were good, be it Rani Mukharjee shaking her leg for phir milenge chalet chalte or the cute Preity ZInta or the gorgeous Kajol, it was a good remix kind of song, which had famous hits of Kishore Da, Raj Kapoor and some more. And now coming to the hero of our film, SRK was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I’m not referring to the Raj role; I’m referring to the Surinder Sahni role. He comes as a middle class man, and the body language of this innocent man, the way he walks, the way he talks, the voice modulation and everything was perfectly suited. The way he narrates the story as though it was his very own life story, with so much of expression, keeps us glued to the seat. The debut actress Anushka Chowdry looks cute in her Patiala salwars and has done her role reasonably well. All in all a good work by everyone I would say.
The story goes like this. Surinder sahni goes to attend the wedding of his college professor’s daughter. He is intimidated by her, but doesn’t show it. When the everyone is happy and enjoying the music, they receive news that the bus in which the bridegroom and his kin travelled met with an accident, and that everyone was killed. The Professor gets a heart attack and is admitted in the hospital, where he convinces his daughter to marry Suri, for which Suri gladly agrees and fulfills his master’s last wish. He marries tahni and brings her to Amritsar. Tahni is indebted to Suri for marrying her when she lost two people whom she loved and when she was left with no one. But still she does her duty as a housewife and remains very silent, Suri wants to make her happy. Things just go on, when Tahni joins a dance school for a reality dancing show. Suri in order to impress Tahni and to spend some time with her, he takes this new avatar, Raj, a complete contradiction to the character and behaviors’ of Suri. He enrolls in the same dance school. They both get to know each other, they make it to the top 10 Jodis and qualify for the finals, and meanwhile Tahni starts falling for Raj and she even tells Raj that she wants to go away with him after the reality show is over. Suri is heart-broken and decides to move to Delhi and leave tahni in peace, by finding a suitable Raj for her. But then just before the finals of the reality show, tahni realizes how Suri put up with her, how considerate and compassionate he was and then she has a conscience call, and tells Raj that she would not come with him because of her wonderful Husband. SRK has done this seen in particular, extraordinarily; where he cries for Raj and is on top of the world realizing that Tahni likes him after all. In the reality show, when they call for tahni and his partner, SRK comes to the stage as Suri, in his typical full hand shirt and pant costume. Tahni is unable to comprehend as to why Suri was here, but the minute the music is played , when Suri does a move and takes her hand, Tahni realizes that it was her husband who had disguised as Raj and throughout the dancing Jodi song, they show Tahni recollecting her moments with Raj and then, it’s anyone’s guess, Mr. and Mrs. Surinder Sahni are given the title. Suri apologizes for disguising as Raj, but Tahni says that she was the one who should apologies as she was blind to his love, both say sorry and are happy and they remain happily ever after……
And the best is yet to come. As the movie ends with credits to the crew of the film, they show Suri and Tahni, on a honeymoon to Japan and very humorously Suri narrates the incidents when the photos are shown. It was so very funny. All if us in the theatre had a good laugh for almost 10 minutes.
I understood the film and enjoyed it well. And it was then that I told myself, that I’ll never rely on any review or even read a film’s review at all.

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