The A B C Of Life!

Accept everything in life as it comes; everything happens for a good reason, God will take care of that. Be positive

Believe in god and have faith in him. He’ll never let you down.

Whatever work you undertake, do it with the confidence that can succeed in it.
D-Dream big
Dare to dream beyond the horizon

Never ever be egoistic, after all everyone is special

When you know you are in for a good cause…fight for it and don’t give it up till your last

We need not be magnanimous and give everything to charity. Just sharing one tenth of what we have, with others who are in dire need of it or who have nothing else at all

You might be the best in your cadre; you might be the most talented in your community. Unless you’re humble in your outlook, people will never look up to you.

Never ever ignore people, whom you know, you might not realize how hurting it would be!

Learn to appreciate others and take jealousy off your dictionary

Being kind and gentle to people, endears us to them, specially being kind to those who have been prejudiced and hurt. We need not go out of the way and be kind, just some small words of comfort could work wonder.

Much as I emphasize on talking, we must take in what others say. Be it right or wrong, that’s secondary, it really might help us in some other place, some other time

Let others praise us for what we’ve done. Let it all go to the heart. Never let appreciation get into the head, coz there could be nothing worse than that. Irrespective of whether we’re the Best or better than the Best, we should always be modest.

We cannot be pleasing everyone, every time. We must be decisive and learn to say No.

Just as how you have every right to voice your views, others too have the right. We must give way for it and respect others perspective of things, just as how important we consider our view.

Why should we bear grudges against others, when every human being is prone to make mistakes? Have a big heart and pardon others who ask for forgiveness.

Open your eyes, look around, observe, and think. The only way to learn is not by just memorizing stuff, but by questioning ourselves about why it happens that way, why doesn’t it happen this way. This is the way to learn.

Remember even the small things which make our loved ones happy. It might be trivial for us, but we might never know how special it would have been for them.

This one word could do wonders. We make mistakes, and we might take time to realize it. Saying sorry to our loved ones from the bottom of the heart, could very well patch up the differences.

At some point of time, we might have to accomplish things only with others’ help and however trivial it is, we have to acknowledge their favor and show them our gratefulness.

You must work hard to upkeep the name of your parents. No wonder, god comes only after mom and dad

Variety is the spice of life. Be adventurous and think differently, there are so many varieties to everything, some may be good, some otherwise, but only if we give a try, will we be able to classify them.

Always wish for something. Wish that you had a better job and work towards achieving it, rather than lamenting about it.

X is always associated with something unknown. In our course of life, we must try and learn a little of everything which our heart desires before we’re laid to rest.

I whole heartedly agree that we eat to live and not live to eat. But eating is an integral part of our life. So one thing I would suggest is that, when you’re eating, enjoy it and eat, don’t keep talking or discuss important issues while eating, it degrades the flavor of the food!

Be zestful and enthusiastic. It’s contagious. We never know how it could have enhanced someone’s day.

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