Being yourself!

People laugh at me. Coz I’m different!
And I laugh at them, coz they are all the same.
That’s the power of attitude!

Everyone yearns to be successful in life. People reach the top rungs of the ladder of success through hard work or even sheer luck. But there are people who almost change themselves entirely to taste success. Of course, human beings have to be flexible and we have to be on par with changing times. We have the power to think, to distinguish the right from wrong, good from bad, and we need to change for the better, the way we think and the way we see things from our perspective, for our well being and emotional satisfaction and not just for materialistic pleasures.

There is a saying that, it’s the small things in lives that matters, our small gestures, which happen inadvertently, are the ones that count much. But people hardly pay heed to it. Being flamboyant has become a status symbol. “Just because others do it, I should also do it- attitude” is becoming very common in the society. We end up doing stuff just for the sake of others and eventually lose our individuality!

Generally it’s the fear which grips the person and refrains him from “Being Different”. Fear of the outcome, whether the project would be successful, whether it would be accepted and recognized by all. I accept this; no one would want to keep failing all the time. But taking that risk meticulously and at the right time can take you to the pinnacle of glory. Consider people in the world of Fashion. Unless they are innovative and come up with trendy and new ideas, they won’t be able to survive for long. Had they considered the element of risk involved and been very cautious and moved slowly, their career will be in a standstill. They did what they felt was best and they carved a niche for themselves and some might have made mistakes, definitely. So it’s wise to learn from the mistakes and implement it properly, and when you’re trying again and again and when you have that determination, ultimately you’ll succeed.

This is just one example. On the academic front, today we have umpteen number of courses which we would not have been aware of a decade ago. New technologies are developing but when it comes to pursuing it as a career, not many people take the brave step. They just relent to the parental pressure and chose what their parents feel is best. I do not blame the parents; they do everything only for our goodwill, but still what if it proves to be a risk worth taking?

I’d like to quote Robert Frost , from ” The Road Not Taken”

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

You are the architect of your future. When you stand at the crossroads of life, think and decide wisely, so that whatever happens in the future you don’t blame anyone. You are the person who you are, because you wanted to be that way.

So if you really want to make a difference and not remain one among every Tom Dick and Harry…you know what to do, Just be yourself!

Good luck!

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