After a break of 6 months!

oh my!

Its been almost 6 months since i got to update my blog. And yea, I’ve not become lazy, just that I had my priorities on many other things.

some things worth mentioning during this 6 month break from blogging.

* college started and I’m in my 3rd year now. felt really good. Just dont know how the two years passed by and I really mean it, I enjoyed life at Sairam, despite what many say!

* I was given a splendid opportunity for compering ,again! I was called to compeer for the Induction day in college( and yea I plan to come up with a post regarding the compering!)

* There was this senior who tried to take her anger on me.Point to be noted is, I was not the reason for it) and i had a fight with her and so i dint participate in the symposium, but luckily for me( and unluckily for her) I got to be an integral part of it( God always stands by the truth you see!)And that was then I realized that God had again showered his grace on me! Thank you!

*Cousin’s wedding was fixed and the Engagement was held in September. Had loads and loads of fun

* Dad got this new SLR camera. Its just amazing. I’ve started to develop an interest in photography now. really! i learnt the nuances of photography and handling the camera by clearing out all the ceramic dolls in our showcase( much to my mom’s dismay . of course!)

*Been working out a lot πŸ™‚

*had exams. As usual, Ellam avan seyal

* Cousin’s wedding in November,I actually did some work for the family and i took two pattu sarees for the occasion πŸ™‚

* Again, i was given a chance to compeer for the International conference conducted in our college. There were many groups selected and our group was scheduled to compere for the Inaugural ceremony! I grabbed the opportunity with everything i could muster and It went on well! full credits to my group members!

*Again, as a part of the INCON, i was called with another person to conduct a paper presentation and a panel discussion. The best part was , since we were a part of the conference, we got to have special lunch on both days! the ice creams were good πŸ™‚ and yea the food too.

* All of a sudden I started missing both my granpa’s. The other day i saw this small girl being driven in the pram by her grandad supposedly and i couldn’t hold back my tears when I was thinking of how pampered i was, by both my gradpa’s. Hmm, i only wish, i only wish………….

* Cat classes going on in full swing and i decided to take it seriously and i tried my best to catch up with the classes. Thats’s what is keeping me tired, a long drive to the class, just immediately after getting back home from coll.

* As for my friends, :)))))

* and now its 31st december and i’m here, with nothing to do and thinking of what else to write about!

Happy New year!

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