Compering and Me

I was always interested in compering. I don’t exactly remember as to when i became so crazy about it, but yea,there are certain things you just don’t seem to notice when its growing, you notice is only when it blooms to the maximum extent and appears in front of you. And my college has indeed given me a good foundation to develop something which i never thought i could do.

1)The first time I compered. Guest lecture-1st year.
I was in my first year. Just one month in coll and we were having a free hour. A staff from our department, Shanmugathai Mam, came to our class and announced that there was going to be a guest lecture the next day and asked for volunteers for compering. I wanted to give my name but there was some inhibition and I succumbed to it. My then class coordinator, Satish sir coaxed me into giving my name and finally I gave my name. The reason I was not very much for it was because it had been hardly a month at coll, all of us were new and we were just getting used to each other and the college and staff and I dint want to experiment on something new right on the first month, not that I had stage fear! So I gave my name and all I mam handed me a paper and all I asked her was, 

“Mam, do I have to prepare anything on my own or do I have to just read the material which you’ve given.” She immediately said,”hey your English is good, you’re selected, meet me tomorrow at 9.” 
I was at a loss for words and I was flying in the air. But then, I was determined to do well and stayed focused on that. Luckily for me, the compering went on well and I was content.

2) Convergence-1st year
I’d given my name for compering for our symposium. I was selected for the inaugural session along with another person. That was the first time when our Dean, Sitaraman Sir, appreciated us. While giving the inaugural address, he said” The MC’s are doing a great job! keep it up!”. That indeed was memorable because that was the first time; somebody appreciated me in front of an audience of about 400.

3) Sairam Institute Of Technology, Inception day – 3rd semester
When we were in our second year, Sairam Institute of Technology was started by our Chairman and luckily, I got the chance to compeer for the first induction day of SIT.

4) Women’s day function – 4rth semester
Our college usually celebrates Women’s day. An eminent Women Entrepreneur is usually called to preside over the small function and every year, one student from each department is honoured the “Best outgoing women” with a medal. I compeered for the women’s day programme.

5)Induction day – 5th semester
I was in my 3rd year. This time I got to compeer with two more seniors of mine. Learnt a lot from them. The program went on well and I was feeling satisfied with myself 🙂

6) International conference Inauguration (ECE dept)- 6th semester
I’m in my 6th sem now. We had an International conference conducted jointly by the departments of ECE, CSE, IT and MCA. Our dept was in charge of the inaugural session and I got to compeer along with a few others from my department. I was compering for an International conference . Wow!

7)International conference, session 2- 6th semester
As a part of the three day conference mentioned above, I got a chance to conduct the paper presentation session scheduled for the day and a panel discussion regarding the theme of our Conference.

8)International Conference Inauguration (Mechanical dept)-6th semester
Soon after our International conference, the Department of Mechanical engineering also conducted a conference, and for reasons unknown(to others J) ,a few of us were selected to compeer. Before leaving for college in the morning, when I was talking to mom, I told her that for the first time in 3 years, ever since I started compering, there was this unknown fear in me. My mom just laughed it out and wished me luck and true to her word, It went on very well. I should say I put in my utmost, mainly because it was another department, but Thank God, everything went on smoothly and the Mechanical department staff was satisfied.
Hmm…Looking back, I should say Sairam has indeed given me more than what I dreamt of when I entered its gates on Day 1. I earnestly thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who’ve been instrumental and whose help I can never forget. A special note of thanks to Satish sir, who gave me the confidence that I could give it a try and To Shanmugathai Mam, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible for me to write an entire post on just Compering and Me.

Touch Wood!!! 🙂

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