The power of a smile :)

Its 6 am in the morning. I snooze my alarm and go back to sleep. Mom comes to my room, half an hour later and shouts at me to wake up and get ready for college. Holy Christ! As always I’d overslept even today, cursing the alarm I sleepily walk out of the room, only mom was right and I was indeed late. I freshen up and have a strong cup of coffee along with a good dose from mom who reprimands me for staying up late and watching the SRK movie.

 I stand there in front of mom with an expressionless face and try my best to give a reaction which would evoke sympathy and possibly explain why the movie was so important, and why I couldn’t sleep well because of the dream, or whatever, but mom determined as she is goes on in full swing and I try my best to absorb her words, but in vain. I stand there for another two minutes and the minute I feel mom is done with her lecture, I smile innocently and wish mom a very good morning. One look at me and it’s a cue that I’ve to get out of the kitchen. On the way out, I see dad, who is just back from his morning walk, and says “Good morning, hope the Pooja went on well, I was able to hear mom’s mantra at the doorstep! Fuming, I come out and realize I haven’t switched on the geyser, and with a long face I somehow manage to take bath in the cold shower and my dresses which were supposed to be pressed, weren’t because I had been busy with err..Other things. I’m finally ready to leave, hurriedly I take oats and take tow stairs at once and as soon as I reach the gate it struck me that I had left my Id card on the table and run back again to get it. I almost run to the bus stop hurriedly saying my prayers and this dog keeps following me all the way, but you see I’m not afraid of dogs, well I think so. And I’m finally at the bus stop and to my relief the bus hasn’t arrived yet. The only good thing that happened to me since morning.

What a wonderful start to a day!

For the first time since I got up, I relaxed and I promised myself I’ll try to be better organized from then. But somehow I feel I’m irritated and I just can’t wait for the day to end already, though my day has just begun. Talking to myself and after finishing up with my prayers I just observe people, going on with their own business and there was this small girl, just about a year or so who was walking with her mom. She was looking so cute, babies always do, but there was something so catchy in her and out of an impulse I smiled at her and she looked at me for more than a minute and every voice inside me was saying “Ash, you’ve scared her for sure, just move out of her view before she starts crying else everyone around looks at you as though you’re the reason she started crying”. I honestly did not want any smile now, just wanted her not to cry, but out of the blue she gives me a wide smile and a broad toothless grin. I was relieved and she smiled at me again, I smiled back and the bus arrived and I was off the college.

Usually I keep myself occupied in the bus. I either read books or notes from cat classes or write my diary. I avoid talking or having conversations primarily because, mom always advises me to give rest to learn to keep quiet at times. Point accepted. And secondarily I feel I need to spend time with myself and just think about where I’m headed to, about my future, about my character, an introspection of sorts. But today, I realized I was restless and I couldn’t even read my book. I was recalling what happened at home and I was reminded about the small girl who smiled at me. Again, when I thought of her I started smiling. My grandma always says, whatever happens, happens only for our good. And as a person who truly believes it, I felt it was destined that way. May be god sensed my restlessness and irritation right at the beginning of the day and sent this small child, with its smile to light up my day. Think of it. You’re really upset with something and you just take a walk to organize your thoughts and someone whom you knew or didn’t, came up to you and smiled at you, wouldn’t you feel the difference? Wouldn’t you feel a bit better? Your day went horribly wrong, you shout at every person you lay your eyes on, reaching home you find that your mom has done something special for you, wouldn’t you feel happy? You were blamed for a mistake which you dint commit and when you come home you find your younger sister or brother, running happily towards you to share a chocolate or show you their drawing or their prize or something. Wouldn’t you actually feel the difference? Come on, on a normal day, when things are not blown out of proportion, do you appreciate what your mom or siblings have done? It’s only at these times, when we’re low that we realize how much their presence and smiles have an influence on us. Someone told me, you never know the power of a simple smile. We might have so many problems and worries, but when we smile at others when we see them, it will help them forget their worries at least for a minute. The purpose is served. You might as well end up making someone’ s day, just as how I realized the little one made my day! I was no longer restless or irritated and I smiled to myself and with a peace of mind went back to my introspection.

So I made up my mind. Next time I see someone, I’m going to smile at them as a way of acknowledging them. And next time my mom scolds me for something, I will surely keep smiling , but oh oh…I hope it doesn’t aggravate her anger, would she cool down or scold me all the more? Well I needn’t worry, I can try it tomorrow when I get up late and the see her reaction 🙂 !

 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Reading your post, I was reminded of a nice quote that a Voice of America announcer used to sign off with:

    When you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours.


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