How fair is it?

1.When mom makes me a hot cup of coffee, I wait till it gets cold and read papers and talk over the phone and finally just gulp it down, but when I’m given a lukewarm coffee in the cafeteria, I complain loudly.

2.I dont help my father when he asks me to, but I expect my children to help me even if I dont ask them to. 

3.I laugh it off when a studious friend of mine offers me important notes, but before the exam I blame the friend for being selfish for not lending me the notes.

4.If someone fell on the road, I wouldn’t go and help them, but if I fell on the road and no one comes to help, I say  that the Everyone was being rude. (applies only for some)

5. I watch TV with  maximum volume unmindful of what others are doing, but when I have exams and my sibling watches TV even with moderate volume, I say that my sibling is not being considerate.

6. Its not a crime if I chat with my friends while classes are going on, but  I mind when my friends talk ,when I take a seminar. 

7.When I am standing in a queue and somebody tries to join in between, I get angry. But when there is a big queue and I try to join in between, Its not wrong on my part.

these are just a few instances and still I call myself to be “PERFECT”. How fair is it?

** I’ve used ‘I’ everywhere instead of ‘We’ so that it would make us think if any one of these were true in our case. 

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