I decided I would write this post when I was preparing for my Networks Exam. What happened was, there was this topic regarding the Error Control Mechanisms during Transmission of Packets. I was a little confused with the acknowledgment numbers and this is how I solved it.

Positive acknowledgement is followed by a number, which indicates the number of packets received (how many) and the number the next packet to be sent (which). Negative acknowledgement is followed by a number which indicates the packet which has to be retransmitted. When I read this sentence first, It was Greek and Latin to me, not anymore.

What I felt:

Human beings have always been selfish in comparison to the other species. So, whenever we are endowed with virtues and gifts, we do not bother to acknowledge them, instead we always keep asking for more and eventually wait for it to find its way to us. Whereas, If we fail to receive something, we would keep pressing on the fact that our requests have not been met and we do not rest until we’ve been granted what we asked.

Simple, Isn’t it?Let me give an example.

Take our Mother, for instance. She does so much for us. Right from getting our coffee in the morning to packing our lunch. We never (only rarely do we..) thank her for what she does for us. But if she forgets to do something, we lose our temper with her, demanding how she could forget to do it.  Put in a nutshell, we are not bothered about what is being done for us, if something is not, we make a big issue out of it.

Another example.

All of us would definitely have prayed to God, for something or the other. We do it even without realizing that we have. When the power goes, we say his name, when we miss a bus, we say his name, when we are nervous, we say his name. And there are many who earnestly appeal to the Almighty to tend to our needs. When we’re rewarded we are triumphant with joy, but only when we fail to receive the fruits of our labor, we resort to praying and blaming Him. As long as we are at the receiving end, we don’t take time to utter a word of thanks. As long as our hopes and aspirations are being fulfilled, we’re happy. But only when something doesn’t go the way we wished it to, do we go to his refuge.

In so many ways, we are blessed, when we look at the plight of those around us. So we must have the courtesy to utter a small word of thanks whenever something we wished for, happens. After all, we’ve been endowed with so many valuable and precious gifts and don’t we have to express our gratitude?  

And after thinking about it for almost an hour…I resumed “preparation” for the Networks exam.

6 thoughts on “Acknowledgement

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  1. Hehe! Totally!
    Computer Networks was one of the very few subjects which I actually understood and liked! Don't remember much now though 😉


  2. @ Anne.
    Yes Yes. I would say that was One subject, for which My Answer paper carried relevant and significant details from the book ;). I did not have to showcase my creativity for that paper 😉


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