Don Ritchie

If you thought I was referring to another Don Corleone( The God Father, Mario Puzo) in the making. So be it. A few days I came across an article titled                    

Don Ritchie, 83, lives in a street right across the harbor in the Gap, a rocky cliff at the top of the Sydney Harbor. This Gap is considered as Australia’s most notorious suicide point. For around 45 years, Don is always on the lookout for any abnormal activity in the cliff. And do you know what he does when he finds someone headed to the suicide point? He gives them a warm smile and invites them over for coffee at his place, talk to them in a friendly manner and convince them that putting an end to their life is not the answer for everything and that life has to move on. He has succeeded in saving more than a hundred lives.
You might wonder what’s so great about him. You’ll know why. He’s the reason some of them are still living with us today. He’s the reason some people were able to realize that they had made an error in judgement and they were given a chance to rectify their blunder before it was too late. So he’s very aptly been called the “Guardian Angel”. It might look very simple at the outset, but think of how influencing and powerful his words of comfort might be. He convinces people, who, have explored all the options and after a meticulous introspection and analyses, had decided to take such a huge step which would not only be detrimental for themselves but also to their next of kith and kin. If they’ve finally resorted and turned to it as the only option available for them, they would definitely be gripped by a sense of fear and panic and would be terrified of the consequences, but with that mindset, it would be very difficult to talk them out of it. And our Godfather does it impeccably.

Don Corleone (Mario Puzo), we are aware, never fails people who come to him asking for help of any kind. But our Don Ritche , lends out a helping hand to others even without being requested for. It’s so pleasing to find that there are still people like him who are present in this world, and we should be happy that were are living in the same world as him. So Selfless, such nobility and generosity of spirit. Long live Don Ritche, The Guardian Angel and The Godfather!

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