As Busy As A Bee???

I’m not the President of this country. Nor the Prime Minister. I’m not the Head of any Organisation/Organisation Nor am I an Entrepreneur. I’m just a Normal, Engineering Student.

Its a general opinion that people who say they do not have enough time, are poor managers of time. I have all the time in the world for me, to carry on with my tasks, I even find time to help out others with their work. But still. according to my friends, they say “Ash is always Busy, Busy, Busy”.

I always believe proper planning, and utilizing the available time to the utmost, being flexible enough to accommodate any last minute engagements, at any given point of time. I dont find myself overburdened with any work. In fact, I make it a point to relax in between strenuous assignments, just unwind myself when things get too hectic, listen to music to soothe my soul, and watch TV to relax my mind and keep it calm.I exactly dont plan up on when an how to relax, that is off the track..but still I try my best to strike a balance work and fun. When certain things with Top Priorities have to be completed within a specific deadline, I ensure that they can be accommodated comfortably.I try not to miss out, catching up some good movies, or taking a long drive with close ones. Of course, One need not infer that I never get bored. At a point of time, when I’ve nothing to do, nothing at hand, I do get bored, occasionally, like today. Somehow I found out I could write a post,luckily. There have been many days, when I try and search every corner of my brain, wondering what to do, and I end up with nothing at all. And somehow, something will come up and I will be spared that irritating, i-have-nothing-to-do feeling

And Now, if the person reading this, happens to be my friend, tell me my friend, How do you say, I’m busy? I have all the time in the world. even to come online and write this post 🙂

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  2. At every juncture of my life, when I look back it seems as if I had all the time in the world in the previous phase of my life. For eg. when in college I used to think “wow school days were so free!”, then when I started working, I used to think “man! what did I do during all my free time at college?!”. Now I hardly seem to have enough time to cook, clean, wash, house-keep, work, write, blog, read, comment, go out, relax and chill out! I'm sure if someday I become a mom, I'll probably look back to these days and think “omg! I had sooo much time back then!” haha!


  3. @ Hariharan
    I don't know why others find me busy, truth is, I plan things well, and so I have time for a lot of things. 🙂

    @ Anne
    Yup. Typical of us human beings 🙂


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