All of a Sudden…..Change

What happens when we keep walking at a normal ,constant speed and around the corner, a vehicle comes to a screeching halt in front of us? We would feel a jerk, caught unawares, a split second our mind stops working, the heart is still, eyes wide in shock, for  a millisecond we think we are paralyzed.Nothing seems to work or make sense. And everything remains standstill for another second. Something has changed or caused a change and we are yet to find out what it is. We assume the worst and start worrying. A few Seconds later we realize we were lucky that we were saved by our own reflexes, or we realize our carelessness and the consequences of it as we hear the siren approaching us.

What if something similar happened in our life? Everything going on smooth, until one such day, one such incident or one such person had to spoil everything, purposely or inadvertently. Most of us, contended with what life has given us, would prefer as minimal changes as possible, when it comes to, well, anything. Despite the fact that the human mind knows that changes go hand in hand with life, the human heart prefers to stay away from it as much possible. All those philosophies often heard about ” Change is always for the better” and the rest, go deep down the drain. When there arises a conflict between the mind and the heart, we always settle for the heart irrespective of what the mind says.

ChAnGe. cHaNgE.

We must always be in a position, to expect the unexpected, and be prepared for what might be in store for us. We should react within a time span and adapt to what is put forth. Too late to settle down, by the time we have adjusted ourselves to the new environment,it might change again. More than just lamenting about it, we have to learn to take it in our stride. We have to learn to make it work to our advantage. We have to make the best use of what is with us this day and we have to perform to our fullest, for we might never know, the situation might change, again.

All this might seem easy, and sound easier, but implementing it is an uphill task,yet, at the same time ,not an impossible task. We have to have a very positive outlook on life which would help us accept that everything always happens for some good reason. It might be a test to bring out our inherent potentials, or just that someone might be testing us to see if we succumb and yield in to pressure, which is generally not expected from someone. When we actually reflect upon the sudden change, we might realize that it was not as bad as how it seemed at the outset initially. So, if we start attempting to work on the changes which might have had some effects on us, that’s the time when they are actually overcome, even without our knowledge.

So, remember, Whatever happens, always happens for our own good!!!

4 thoughts on “All of a Sudden…..Change

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  1. True. I find that in certain areas of mt life I welcome change with my whole heart, and yet in other areas I am reluctant to embrace it. This of course doesn't do anything useful except make life difficult for myself!


  2. First priority is save our self ,nothing else prevails in our mind,immediate reaction by jumping will save our life.In life ,you have to adjust/adopt to changing circumstances/events, ,necessity is mother of invention.Nothing else we can do.Brooding over things won't do justice ..Maein Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya
    Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya…


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