How Good A Friend Are You?

God one asked me, when I was heart-broken since I’d a misunderstanding with one of my best friends ever.
“Child, why are you thinking about him, it’s no use holding your friends thoughts onto you anymore, Let Go of it child.”
 I replied,
” I don’t know what caused the misunderstanding between us, but every time I think of my friends, I’m reminded only about our wonderful friendship we shared and not the problem we had, So I cannot let my friend willingly fly away from me.”
God asked me,
“Are you that good a friend?”
 I said,
“Not me, It was my friend who was so good, He was and he still is my Friend, no matter what he says or decides.”

Anyone can be friends, but only those who truly understand and share a great rapport and respect with the other can be best friends, Forever!!!

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