Laughing Your Way To A 100 Years Of Life.

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All of us know, or at least heard that Laughing out, actually increases your life span by more than what you can imagine. So these days laughter clubs and therapies are in the news day in and day out. So, we must learn to laugh, not just as a formality or something which is required now and there in a conversation, but laugh from the heart.( In informal gatherings , of course)

I have the habit of watching America’s funniest Video’s on television. I used to catch up with the World’s craziest and funniest videos too. They telecast it in good humor. So, as a true sport, I enjoy watching and laughing with it. It is so Hilarious watching people try stupid tricks or do something totally uncalled for in front of a camera and when it doesn’t turn up the way they actually want it to, that’s when we start laughing. But we have to appreciate those people because they wouldn’t mind making a fool of themselves, just to provide us some entertainment.

OK. I’m not that sadist or psycho who laughs at other people’s misery.Its all just in good humor. Why I say this is, I do not laugh only when others fall, either in AFV or real time, but even when I try something stupid or even inadvertently If I end up falling, after the initial few seconds of letting my stupidity sink in, I’ll start laughing. Yes yes. I can laugh at myself, that way.
Actually, speaking of that, I am indeed one blessed soul. You know why? Its because( call me a maniac, I don’t give it a damn) I don’t need any reason to laugh.First, Just listening to someone laughing, for whatever reason, even If I am oblivious to the reason, I start laughing, I guess I can be easily triggered by just listening to someone laugh. Second, I can relive and think of that moment which made me laugh and I can laugh again, whole heartedly with the same intensity  with which I originally laughed, or even more, who knows. Third, there are some times where only I find something funny and others look at me with disdain because they just don’t seem to find it funny enough for me to start laughing like a, well, what can i say, maniac fits best. I could actually explain the reason for which I am in fits of laughter, but when I laugh, my vocal chords are busy and not a word comes out from my mouth for about 10 minutes
 Personally, I find laughing very rejuvenating. Somehow, from somewhere a new sense of happiness and fulfillment grips me, and I feel so elated, as though nothing could ever go wrong from that instant. It might be ephemeral, but still its effects are long lasting, I swear. It gives us so much of confidence and its as though you are exhilarated and there is no bounds to that joy. Its difficult to describe it in words, for me. Over all it gives a very feel good mood and attitude, which in turn creates a lot of positive vibes for us and may be that equates with the lengthening of the life span, that’s my guess. It brings out the Child in you.
Needless to say, This kind of laughing is only for informal gatherings and day to day happenings. You have to know where not to laugh this way.

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  1. Nothing like am exaggerating about your blogs ! They really make some sense . And the thing which i like is you always take the topic which is so common among us and at the end of reading it, you make me think, oh! this much is there in this !

    Btw, coming to this particular blog, i don think you are the oly person to be called as maniac ..bcoz, everyone of us use to behave like what you have mentioned above. And the way u hv logically linked life span and your own personal experiences after laughing is so good ! yea that could be the reason too 🙂

    keep blogging 🙂


  2. @ Sri Vatsan

    Thanks a lot for your kind words of appreciation, that keeps me going.
    And I usually write about topics which everyone can relate to, so that it would be well received.
    Thank you, again. 🙂


  3. You know I think there are some people who have such an infectious laughter that when they start laughing, people around them just have to join in!


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