Perspective 1:

Goodness Gracious!!!
You stare at what is in front of you. You are shocked out of your wits.
Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that this would be the outcome. There was this agony for weeks and you visualized in your mind exactly as to what you would be looking at, but you never did even think about this option. There was no way this was going to happen. But you were so sure, What went wrong? Where? Why? How? So many questions racing your mind and you don’t seem to find the answer for anything? Ok. You realize you’ve to calm down and take control over the situation before it goes beyond your reach.You know you just have to accept it as it is. The damage is done. And you have to face it. You are answerable to others. How are they going to react when they learn about this? They will look at you as some mean, evil creature. Yes, creature. They are going to throw looks of hatred and disgust at you. You look up and ask the Almighty to help you out. Yes, he is the only one who would by any chance understand that it was all not your fault and that something had gone wrong somewhere and  you were not involved with it, and beg him to help you out. You close your eyes for one last time before everyone has a chance to react, take a deep breath and  turn to others.

Perspective 2:

Oh My God!!!.

You  are starting at what the other person is staring at. You just can’t believe your own eyes. What? How on Earth did this ever happen? Cheat. Liar. What had he promised and what has happened now? You realize the amount of trouble you are in. Gone. you are doomed. How could he have done this to you? It’s outrageous. You just can’t wait to get back at the other person. How could he have? You just cant find a word to throw at him, which can describe exactly how you are feeling at that moment. Anyway whatever has happened, has happened, and now you have no way out of this and you are left stranded in a lone island, far far away from the other person and the rest. You have to somehow put up a brave face and manage. You take a spur of the moment decision and decide what you have to do now. You take a deep breath and turn to the other person.

And Oh,  by the way,
Person in Perspective 1 is staring at his answer sheet, which says 25/50 pass.
Person in Perspective 2 has got 10/50 fail and is staring at his best friend’s paper

Wonderful Memories. College days. College Friends.

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