Common Sense!!!

Common sense. This is something which most, or, some, or rather, a few engineering colleges seem to lack.We choose a particular stream in a particular college to learn and educate ourselves with the basics of the chosen field. But apart from this, many engineering colleges in the city, which I would restrain from mentioning focus on many not-so-important factors, which I, as a passed out student, believe that they are totally uncalled for and instead of focusing on all these trivial things, they should work towards improving the quality of Engineering, which has been declining of late.

Too much has already been talked about the need to improve the quality of education as well as the quality of the engineers passing out every year. So I’ll move on to the other issues.

Strict Discipline.

Many Colleges in the city stress on Discipline.And according to them, discipline is, Girls and Guys shouldn’t talk to the other, Cell phones should not be brought to college and many such trivial things. They have people who see to it that discipline is maintained. First, I would like to ask these people a question.You want us to behave as professionals. Right, but for that shouldn’t we be treated as professionals? Shouting at students while we enter the campus, having people walking up and down the corridor during class hours spying on the student, asking us to pay fines at the drop of the hat, Not even having the brains to maintain a sense of decency while talking with students, well for that matter, they don’t even talk, they just shout at us, whenever they feel like it. Are you people being professional? Absolutely No, so then why expect us to act like professionals when you yourselves can’t set an example?

In many colleges girls and guys are not supposed to talk with the other.I just don’t get the logic behind this.Just because we talk to the opposite sex doesn’t make one person look bad, or just because one doesn’t talk to the opposite sex, they can’t be certified as good. Despite all these restrictions, those who have good intentions will remain good, and how much ever one tries, those with bad intentions will defy all the ‘so-called-rules’.In many colleges, I’ve seen people being caught for speaking to the person of the opposite sex and even being fined for it. People always keep saying, that colleges train us to become professionals and it would help us in the future.Yes. accepted.These days, many from Rural background come to the city with dreams to make it big and enroll themselves in these engineering colleges. Let’s not talk about the city students, because they’ve enough exposure and can manage the outside world. Compared to us city students, the Rural students are a bit shy and it takes more time for them to break the ice and get along with the rest. So, for such students, If you Impose a rule that a girl should not talk to a guy, she will be happy, because she was never used to that  before. And tomorrow, suppose she works in an IT company, she will continue to be the same and stay away from the opposite sex. She will be framed as someone who is shy and unwilling to get along with others and they’ll end up feeling all the more insecure, thanks to that RULE in their college. We trust the college and spend 4 years of our lives there. But the College refuse to trust us and impose all these restrictions. They just need to understand one thing, Everywhere there are rule breakers and in this case, I don’t see a reason why they have to follow it.

If there is one thing which Irritates me to the core, It is this spying business. We respect our Staff and treat them the way, a Guru should be treated and they have every right to compliment us or scold us, because they are elder and more wiser than us, and one important thing which I like to stress is there are Qualified people who have come to share their knowledge with us and help us. Ok. But how would one like to be controlled and shouted at by someone, whom i feel it would be rude to call them school dropouts and illiterates, boss over us? As a girl, as a student I hate it when it happens that way. They treat us like criminals and as though they are the ones with all the power. We don’t shout back at them because we are decent enough and we have a dignity to maintain and can’t stoop down to the level of those spies, they take that to their advantage and boss over all of us in the name of inculcating discipline. We spent 14 years in school where the necessary discipline was inculcated , at the right age. At 17, when we enter the college and face rules which were not there in our schools, we get annoyed since that is the age when almost everyone is rebellious and when such mundane rules are enforced,  we end up getting irritated, because, Someone rightly said ‘College Students are no longer kids and they should not be controlled.They get rebellious when controlled. Enforcing Discipline is not necessary as the students must have Self-Discipline, at this age’.

Coming to Cell phones. Enough has been said and argued about bringing cell phones to educational institutions.The main reason which is being cited is, cell phones are the main source of distraction.Again, the same common sense had to be applied. Even if you have Albert Einstein teaching a subject, there are some people who would seem disinterested.My point is, those who want to learn, by any means will learn despite any distraction. Those who don’t want to learn, don’t need only a cell phone to distract them, they will find out ways and means to distract themselves and keep them occupied.

And this one which I’m now going to discuss about, is prevalent only in very very few colleges.In most colleges, there is a percentage of seats which are filled by counselling and the rest by management. The criteria for admitting students under management is not the same in all colleges. I agree that many colleges, in order to provide all the state of the art facilities, take more money from the students being admitted by management category since it is not possible to run a college with the fees stipulated by a council.Ok. But once again, why was that candidate admitted under management? 2 reasons. The student would have specifically wanted to join that college and did not want to take a chance in the counselling ( these are students who have scored high marks, but are not sure if the marks were high enough). Or, the Student would have scored not so good, not so high marks, and so, the students and his/her parents would be willing to spend much more than the nominal fees, for their child’s education. I am going to talk about the students who fall under this category. Engineering or any professional course, is not a cake walk.These students, have not been able to score well in a school examination which is, in comparison to a college level examination, easier.But a few colleges, take too much of interest in the student’s progress.They keep tests, re tests and re re tests.Believe me, this happens. I totally respect the college and I’m happy that the college takes so much of interest in the progress of one student. But wait, there is more to this.If certain students fail a particular test, they are asked to stay back for special coaching classes.Their names are read in the class from a list, and those students are frowned upon and ridiculed in front of the whole class.The same happens for the semester exams. Those with arrears are called for these classes.One student was very angry and asked our staff “What is the use of giving me special coaching for the subjects of the 6th semester, when I’ve arrears with the 5th semester.If you want to help us, shouldn’t you help us with the subjects in which we have an arrears first, before helping us with subjects, which we might, probably in the future, have arrears”. And as far as I know, there was no use with the SPECIAL coaching. I don’t comprehend the reason as to why the college management expects that the pass percentage should always be above 90 percent and blame the staff for it. Dear College Management, it was you, and not the staff, who took more money from the students and enrolled them. What is the use of asking a below average student to score 80 percent? He knows where he stands and he can take care of him pretty well. Thank you for the concern though.

I was talking about paying fines. One college imposes a very heavy fine if they are caught bringing cell phones to the college. They are asked to pay an amount of around 5000 to an orphanage and upon giving that receipt to the college, they would be permitted to enter. I was totally aghast on hearing that.Charity should be done voluntarily and it should not be forced. It should be given from the heart.When colleges ask the student to compulsorily donate such an amount for charity, saying that only then they could accept the student into the college,  the student is left with no other choice than to pay the money, cursing under his breath, and why not?

Hope many engineering colleges, who follow at least one of the Rules and practices cited above,  Focus on improving the Quality of Education. When that is done, the rest will fall in place.

More than a half of them who read this would not know what exactly my problem is. But those of us, who were subjected to all these rules, will know the pain of having spent four years in college (more so a military school)where all our dreams of a perfect college were shattered and torn apart.I’m sure hardly a 1 percent of those students would like to go back to their college, or even talk about it in a good way to others.God help us. God help the numerous students who would be enrolling in these colleges.

P.S. I have a degree and a Job because of my college. I don’t hate it. That was where I got my education from. I respect it. But I wish it were better. That’s it.

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  1. That was so well said! I completely agree. I love and respect my college. I couldn't be happier elsewhere. But if they didn't have the no-cell-phone rule and others like that, I can be happier here.
    Btw, did you forget the dress code? Our college has this on-and-off dress code about wearing tee shirts with collars only :/


  2. @ Harini

    Thank you. Just giving suggestions and trying to make it a better place to spend 4 wonderful years. And about the dress code, I felt that is somewhat acceptable when compared to the others. Thank you once again!


  3. I totally agree with what you say. The system needs to look at how effective their actions are.
    Imparting education is all what colleges need to do. I'd say discipline is to be learnt at home. If college wants to take up that responsibility they should take care that they do it well because if they get it wrong, they will end up destroying the student's self esteem.


  4. @ Shyam Mohan
    Exactly. Let them take care of educating us, and we'll do our part well. And they should know what their priorities are, instead of insisting on Rules.


  5. well i agree with u. but the thing is if there are no rules and restrictions then the situation could be worse. How many of the well mannered and disciplined people really follow a thing (rule) ? actually it becomes a rule only when people deny to accept it. Even good mannered people tend to deviate sometimes when things are easy and lenient. I guess that is a general human psycology. If one has to know their limits by themselves then there must be someone to tell them what these limits are. so to some extent these rules are needed and there should be someone to remind people of these rules. But as the saying goes ,'too much of anything is good for nothing '


  6. @ Harini
    Let me give you just 2 instances. SSN and SRM. Do you think these colleges have all these restrictions? No. They Don’t .Do you think they have people to tell them do this and dont do that? No. Does that make those colleges less worthy? Nope. For your information they are standing in the limelight, where colleges like these are way behind our visibility in those ranks .They are the most sought after colleges and the students from those colleges are given more priority than us. They don’t stress on Discipline, but that doesn’t mean they are not disciplined. They have a very different idea of what discipline is, and clearly they emerge the winners in that.
    And you were asking, how many well mannered people follow a rule and that they might even deviate from them? Aren't you contradicting your own statement? If they are well mannered and decent and how will the stay away from the Rules, they will, only if they realize that all this is nothing, but a humbug. Even a well mannered and well disciplined person will know what kind of a rules these all are.
    And aren't you mature enough by the age of 17 to know what should be done and what shouldn't? If at this age you still expect(Most of us don’t, just so you know) someone to be behind you, it just shows the immaturity, nothing else .Almost all are Mature by this age, and I'm directing this post only at them. So, you say that you find yourself so immature that you want someone to boss over you and dictate something to you? You actually enjoy that?
    And my Very point is, these Rules, which I mentioned are not at all necessary. They don't impact us in any way. They don’t place us in a higher position than the others. It just degrades us.


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