Someone’s Blunder, Your Tragedy!


I don’t mind getting punished for my mistakes.

But I DEFINITELY mind getting punished for no mistake on my part, but because of someone else’s mistake.

I dont mind being reprimanded for failing to do something, for which I’m held responsible.

But I DEFINITELY mind, facing the consequences of someone else’s carelessness.

And that’s similar to what actually happened.


Image Courtesy :Dreamstime

My day started the usual way. I kept the alarm for 5.45. When the alarm rang, I snoozed it twice, then stopped the alarm. I noticed that the time was around 6.25. And realized ‘Damn. I’d done it again’. My driving class was at 6.30. And unless I somehow miraculously managed to be there by 6.30, The only Santro; which was in what you could call a good condition for beginners like me to drive, and the Old ,but the best Instructor, who was in great demand since everyone wanted to learn from him; would be gone. So thinking about it, I got up and uttered a hurried prayer and within 2 mins I was ready to leave. It was 6.28 by the time I started my Scooty, and thanks to the Morning Walkers, what should have been just a 1 minute drive, took me 2 extra, precious minutes. I reached the Driving school by around 6.31 and By the Grace of the hurried prayer, Thanks to God, The car and the Instructor were still there and I got inside the car. Sigh of relief.

Since I’d told the Instructor that I wanted to drive in the arterial roads, he asked me to wait till the others could drive, since it would take more time. I happily obliged and sat just behind the driver’s seat. What more could someone ask, For having got a Window’s seat on a very chill and breezy morning. It was going on well.

Until the time came for another person to drive the car. Let’s call him Z. Z was talking all the way about how he would drive his Pulsar and so how easy it would be for him to drive. When it was his turn, he somehow managed to drive reasonably well for someone who was just in their 3rd driving class. We were coming from Ashok Pillar to Powerhouse where at one junction, on seeing the Red signal the instructor asked Z to slow down, which he did. The Traffic Constable who was at that junction, waved to us and asked us to cross , indicating that there were no other vehicles coming that way. Since the signal was still in Red, Our sir felt it would be better if we crossed soon, so that there would be no problem for any other vehicles coming that way. So he kept asking Z to accelerate the car even more and when we were exactly at the center of the junction, to my left I saw a bus, MTC bus speeding towards the junction, speeding towards our car.

 It was one of those moments, I think the fourth time ( the other instances would be dealt with in my forthcoming posts) for me that I thought, ‘Ok. This is it.’ It all happened in a split second. I closed my eyes, pressed my head against the seat and held my hands tight in prayer that very instant and I prayed that I should somehow reach Heaven.

 Of all the things that I could have thought of, I was reminded of this Joke about a HR Manager dying and being given a choice of either entering Heaven or Hell after visiting both the places for a day and he could then decide. He goes to Heaven and finds it so peaceful, and  when he visits Hell, he finds it so lively and cheerful and decides to stay in Hell. The next day when he goes to hell , to live forever, he notices that the place was entirely different from what he’d seen the previous day. It was something short of a Dumping yard and it was so pathetic. Upon enquiring, he was told that the previous day he was being recruited and so the Best Version of Hell was displayed to him. Today he was an employee and so, he was being shown what real Hell was. And the joke goes on to imply that this is what mostly happens in the case of the I.T companies.(a Joke from the internet)

And I was there, seated in that very car, whose future was so unpredictable and I was thinking about this joke and wondering if I would go to Heaven or Hell. Thankfully, Again by the Grace of the hurried prayer, Thanks to God, the bus driver was quick enough to stop the bus a few centimeters from where the car stopped. The Traffic Constable said something about being sorry, but none of us were in a position to listen to him. Z was almost paralyzed with fear and No, I did not start it, it was the girl who was seated next to me, She started laughing seeing the expression on Z’s face, and in that moment, I did not know what to do and joined my co-driving-school friend in the laughing. The Instructor had the vehicle in his control, still it was traumatic for the one behind the wheel, Poor Z, the instructor tried to cheer him up and was trying his best not to join us, me and the other girl who were having tears now, laughing so hard. Then after my turn to drive, I came home.

 Only later that day, I realized the gravity of the situation I was, at that time. And somehow laughing helped to ease the tension that had built in those seconds, But I couldn’t stop shivering for a minute, when I thought of other probable consequences which could have happened. Thanks to the Grace of the Hurried prayer. Thank God. And thanks to all those who said ‘God Bless you’ at some point of time, in my life. It worked!


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  1. Hi Ashwini!
    First time to your blog! Haha! Cdn't help laughing 🙂
    Got reminded of all my driving classes with me gripping the steering wheel in a death grip, the instructor shouting in my ears and everyone on the road giving me stern looks! I got my license somehow but still am too scared to actually drive! lol!


  2. Nice blog Ashwini… My husband is forcing me to learn driving a 4 wheeler and somehow I feel it is nighmarish and Im contended with my two wheeler where life is much easier 🙂


  3. “I prayed that I should somehow reach Heaven” after reading it sudden smile came to me and your Hr joke was so humrous that I read it twice. overall good one! I'll wait for other 3 instances of your.:) 🙂


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