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Lokpal might be the beginning to the End of Corruption, or at least containing corruption. Thanks to Anna Hazare for that. But how did this actually start? The concept of giving and accepting bribes?

It started when
A common man, Despite knowing that he is not fully qualified to take up a particular job, but trying all possible means and ways to get it by hook or crook, goes to a higher official, offers him a favour, in return for a job.

A hawker, knowing very well that he is not supposed  to set up his Kiosk at the Platform, bribes the Local Police Officer, for allowing him to function at that particular, prohibited spot.
A common man, who hasn’t handled a steering ever before in his life, but somehow wants to ‘Buy’ a License, bribes the officers and coaxes them into giving him a license, by offering them a bribe.
A common, but busy person, who cannot spare time to wait in long queues to complete a process, bribes the officers there, to move his papers quickly, so that he can save time.
A common man, caught for violating traffic rules, offers to bribe the Police Officer, instead of facing charges legally.
And the list is endless.
So basically, we, the common people of the Nation, are to be blamed for planting the idea, that things can be accomplished by bribing the people concerned. They accept it, because we give them. If not for our greed and lack of patience and selfishness, this problem which our country is now facing, to the extent of threatening the progress of the country, would have not been what it is today.
What I’m coming to say is, it’s not just enough or fair to complain about the People in Power and Authority. They are to be blamed, yes, but they are not the only ones. Even we are all to be blamed. Anna Hazare has, with great difficulty, got the Government to pass a resolution regarding the Lokpal. Let us make sure that his efforts do not go down the drain. Next time when you are prompted to bribe someone for your work and your interests, please think of Anna Hazare’s efforts, and do your small part to save the Nation.