A Smarter Tablet, For A Smarter World, In the Truest sense.

I feel that it is not just one among the Numerous Individual features that make the Samsung Galaxy Tab stand out. Nope. Definitely Not. I feel, that all of these features integrated together with a Royal mix of the best features one could think of, all in the same tab, Is what Makes Samsung Galaxy Tab, Unique.
The All New Samsung Galaxy Tab
After going through many Websites about Samsung Galaxy tab, I don’t want you to waste time reading this, but want you to check out the tab and place an order as well, so, in a gist, I’ll just tell you why you should get a Samsung Tab.

I was once talking with my friends about the latest gadgets which were being introduced. We decided to Google and find out the best gadget available for a particular use.

Friend A wanted a gadget, mainly for Entertainment, with HD playback and Dual speakers and, capable of storing as many as movies as possible with the best screen resolution.

Friend B, who lives virtually online, all through the day, wanted a gadget with Wi-Fi Access and fast download speeds for browsing Multimedia and Rich Flash applications, and he did not want to compromise on the speed or wait for long for the applications to download.

Friend C, who works predominantly with Images and Video, wanted a gadget which would allow him to take high definition photographs and Edit them using the cutting edge technology and he wanted Video Chatting facilities for his work as well. Since he was working with Multimedia he needed the gadget to be able to multitask well and switch quickly between the various applications.

Friend D, who works with graphics, needed a gadget with excellent Clarity for experimenting with his graphics and animations.

Friend E wanted a gadget which would allow him to read books from a huge database like Amazon Kindle and Google books.

Friend F, the busy bee, gave more priority to the appearance and the ease with which it can be carried around, than the in built features, since, if it has all the best features, and remained bulky, it could not be carried around everywhere. He wanted a gadget with a thin frame and light weight

Friend G, who did a lot of Documentation, wanted a gadget which came with a mini keyboard, that would facilitate easy typing, and since he had to share it with a lot of people, he wanted good file sharing capabilities too.

Friend H was talking about the expandable storage, High RAM and other sensors.

All of them were busy searching Google on which gadget would serve the specific purpose efficiently for which they wanted the Gadget for.

Everyone turned to me, to ask what features I wanted. I told them, I wanted all of their features.

My Friends said,

“You need specialized gadgets for specific purpose”
“You don’t have the All in one Gadget”

I showed them the result which Google was displaying, when I had searched for a gadget with all of the facilities which my friends has individually listed.

Usually a gadget will be know for one or maximum two of its unique features .Because while one features stands out among the rest, the other features would be what is available in all other gadgets. But with Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, all of its features are unique, which makes it even more unique and its not just another gadget, it’s a Samsung Tab, A Smarter Tablet, For A Smarter World, In the Truest sense.

9 thoughts on “A Smarter Tablet, For A Smarter World, In the Truest sense.

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  1. Ashwini, the answer for the questions..

    “You need specialized gadgets for specific purpose”
    “You don’t have the All in one Gadget”

    Yes it is Samsung Galaxy Tab.. Lovely post…

    Someone is Special


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