Mobile Phone Etiquette

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Recently I was unfortunate  to be next to someone, who did not know that a mobile phone would convey the voice message to the other end, irrespective of the how far the person at the other end was, and took to shouting at the top of his voice, to make sure his message reached the person on the other end. Poor Him or Poor me? Well., I guess I wasn’t that unfortunate enough because, had it not been for him I would not have written this post. ( As I always keep saying, Everything happens for a good reason!)

I would not do justice, If I single out just the one person, who I came across. No. There are thousands of other people who also fall into the same category. Talking Loudly, So loud that, as the joke goes, the person at the receiving end can hear the other person on the line, even without the aid of the cell phone. 
I’m not going to generalize and say, most of the people are loud and all that. I’m just going to stick to Mobile phone Etiquette
Almost all of us would have come across such people. For Instance, When I was travelling in a bus, there were hardly 10 people, and suddenly we heard this cell phone ringtone. Instinctively all of us checked our cell phones, and finally we all realized that, the mobile which was ringing, belonged to a lady, a middle aged lady. Then it started. She started talking, she kept on talking. She was talking on and on, for almost 45 minutes’ You might probably ask me what my problem was, since it was her phone and she was talking with someone else on the other end, probably. The problem was that, It was an Air Conditioned bus and as I said there were hardly 10 people or so in the bus, and this lady probably thought she was asked to speak in front of the mic, she started speaking so loudly, that the rest of us, did not have any other choice than to forcefully listen to her rambling and abusing, and the ‘thud’ sound of her hand hitting the seat next to her now and then. Before alighting from the bus, I knew the names of all her relatives (of course, I did not know how they were related to her, just the names), how many daughters she had, how she’d done everything for her daughters single-handed and still managed to run the ‘Idli kadai’   in her area, and about her other financial details as well, and where she was heading to and what was the purpose of her visit. It went to the extent that I considered closing my ears with my hands, but another co-traveller tried it and realized it was of no use. Such was the intensity of the speaker.

Sometimes it’s actually funny. I was at the airport to board a flight at 6.30 in the morning. The Chennai Airport was as busy as CMBT bus terminus. Predominant were office goers and Businessmen, which I could figure out from their formal attire. That was the time when many people started using Bluetooth and headphones. There were many people, walking and talking, with their laptop bags in one hand and the other hand drawing imaginary lines in space. But people who don’t use hand gestures while talking, can confuse us. We might not know whether they are asking us something or talking to themselves. So I set a rule for myself: Never talk to a person in the Airport, without checking if he has his Headphones or Bluetooth on.

I get so annoyed, seeing such “Loud Speakers”. They have no consideration for those around them. All they are bothered about is the conversation, unmindful of what environment they are in. You can find those people everywhere, your office cubicle, in the elevators, in restaurants, temples, public transports, especially in places where one is asked to remain silent or keep the noise level to a minimum. They don’t realize that they are unnecessarily divulging information about themselves to those around them. I pity those who accompany them, because despite the fact that these “loud speakers” are embarrassing themselves, it’s those who accompany them have to bear the brunt of it. There is no solution to this, unless of course they themselves realize, or someone points it out to them, both of which are far- fetched.   

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  1. Hehe 😀

    I am able to imagine the scenario. I have faced this same problem several times. People of this sort are helpless. But a worth issue to write a blog on it !

    keep blogging 🙂


  2. True Ashwini, such ppl really get on my nerves too! But I guess some ppl are just used to the olden days type of telephony and can't get out of that habit. Also some might really have a hearing problem too-who knows?


  3. @ Anne

    Agreed. I probably shouldn't include people over 60 in this category. Those who are below 60, would very well know how to talk over a mobile phone. And hearing problem, Yes yes. We never know.


  4. i am amused when i see the ones with the Bluetooth device plugged to their ears do the “walk while you talk” routine

    & the ones on buses going on & on & on & on …OH GOD someone pls stop them!


  5. People start talking suddenly when the bluetooth device is covered by their wonderful hair, we get confused, look up to them thinking they are talking to us. Later realizing that they are on phone.

    It is so funny to see people talk with these blue tooth devices, It appears as though they are talking to themselves. I always smile when I spot them.


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