You might deny it, but the truth is, almost every thing one comes across needs “Make up”.  You don’t get what I’m trying to say? Read on.
Actress. Can you look at the faces of all those leading ladies in Bollywood without make up? I’m not saying they can’t step a foot outside, sans their make up. They can, they might have the guts to do so. But after seeing them in their ravishing beauty, would you see them on screen without make up? No. I wouldn’t

Chinese Food. You like Chinese Cuisine? Feel like rushing off to your favorite Chinese restaurant just at the mention of Chicken Friend Rice and Sichuan (that’s the way it is spelt) Noodles? Wait Right there pal. Do you know something? What we Indians call Chinese food, is actually a kind of Indianized Version of the Chinese Cuisine. I’m sure you will forever stop having Chinese food, if you taste the Noodles you get in China. They are not bad, just comparatively bland and having been used to the Indian Version of the Chinese Noodles, Most of us might not like that typical Chinese flavor. So next time you go to a restaurant in India which proudly says “Authentic Chinese Food”. Ha Ha. You know better. 🙂 . We people can’t accept Chinese Food, without the Spicy Indian-Masala -Make up.

 Words. Some people, especially those who are preparing for GRE can’t just stop showing off that they know 1500 words more than us, overnight. They throw them at random, in conversations, sometimes in the right context, and more often than not in the wrong context. For that matter most of us believe in “Using big word makes one sound smart”. Perhaps that’s why we just can’t restrain from using flowery and grandiloquent words, when we get the chance to. There, I did it. We make it a point to add a lot of attributes to the simple sentences, making them appear elite.

Resume. During our Placement season, a few friends branded me as Selfish because I put my foot down and refused to oblige, when they asked me to give them my Resume, which I’d spent so much of time preparing. Had my friends asked for Ideas, I would have been more than happy to have told them how I went about preparing mine. And I’m not that humble to let someone else take credit for my work.

 Many people I realized turned to Google to define their Objectives and all of them ended up writing more or less the same story. My sister kept emphasizing that the Resume should be concise, yet it could be stylish with the right usage of words and that it shouldn’t give anyone the feeling that one is trying to show off with their vocabulary. Since it was not their own work, some friends did not mind displaying it to everyone who they came across. When I happened to look at one Resume, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing looking at the choice of words. It was like; they had used the thesaurus for almost every word they had written. (Yea, you are right, just the way Joey used the thesaurus for every word in a letter which he was asked to write for Monica and Chandler). So just Imagine. A few words here and there would have given it a refined look. And I was thinking, even for this people are not ready to call a spade, a spade. They prefer beating around the bush for nothing. Sigh.

 Describing ourselves. The most difficult thing to write perhaps, even for an accomplished writer, would be to write about themselves. (Remember the “About Me” part in most of the social networking sites). Some people keep it short and simple and sweet. And the rest, it’s not so simple and not so sweet. It’s actually funny to read those profiles which say, extremely friendly, extremely good looking. Well for me, they seem extremely funny. I appreciate people who say, ‘I’m this way’ blunt and to the point. At least they are being genuine about themselves. Unlike those who list saint-like qualities about themselves and in the end, add that they are very simple and do not like to show of. Someone is contradicting themselves, aren’t they? They feel it is mandatory to add all that ‘masala’ in describing themselves. Some people take this as a chance to impress others. Some achieve in doing so. The rest, God only should save them!