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Girl commits suicide, unable to bear the humiliation of being snubbed and dumped by her ex.

Student commits suicide unable to cope with college pressure.

I just can’t figure out why people today are so sensitive, to the extent that they are unable to tolerate when someone blames them or points a finger at them. Why are we not able to take criticism in the right spirit from others?  Have we lost the ability to be resilient, instead call it a day, once and for all and give up? The World is fast paced, but why are we impatient and look for quick results? Why do we get into bouts of depression just because we failed at one point? Where has the virtue of patience gone? Has optimism and Positive thinking; despite being stressed repeatedly; become a thing of the past? When we should be giving a lot of room for positive thoughts and withstand the negative forces which trying their best to hamper our progress, we are unable to digest that one negative setback?

I wonder what drives them to take that drastic (read senseless) step. Fear of failing, humiliation and depression might be some of the reasons.  People call them cowards, who do not have the capacity to take life with all its shortcomings. Somehow I cannot stop myself from expressing my resentment when I come across such suicide cases. Human beings are all dependent on each other in some, small yet significant way. The pain of losing a dear one, through natural causes, is unbearable. People losing their lives in freak accidents causes even more pain and agony, we call it fate. Amidst all this, how can some people be so stupid enough to decide to end their lives, without imagining the possible consequences of their hasty actions? I would call them Selfish, they are so self centered that they plainly refused to think of how much distress their near and dear would have to undergo because of them.

More than friends and siblings, I feel terrible when I think of the plight of the parents who have lost their children this way. Is that the respect people show their parents for all that they have done? Would it not be killing the parents inside, to have them see the funeral of their child? Even in times of dire poverty or financial troubles, parents see to it that their kids are not made to feel the effect of the situation they are in. They are ready to walk the extra mile, just to make sure their kids are comfortable. We grow up seeing such parents and still we do this to them? An irreplaceable loss for the parents, which will haunt them till they breathe their last.

Talking about the reason that people think ending their lives would put all troubles to rest; I personally feel that there are 2 main reasons for it. People do not know whom to trust with their problems or they are not in a position to communicate or express what is going on in their mind to someone whom they can trust. Sometimes even without us realizing it, we might have distanced ourselves from our parents or friends due to some reason. People either get busy with other things or just that they prefer not to show their affection in an explicit way (meaning, they take it for granted or they do not want to stress on something which is obvious). We human beings think too much and complicate the most simplest of the things. We draw a hundred conclusions on why the other person is supposedly acting weird or ignoring or not giving us the importance which we require. We take it upon ourselves to decide that they do not care for us anymore and so in times of distress we do not know to whom to turn to.  The mistake we make is, we think when we are in trouble, people would think twice before coming to our aid.  We think and think, and forget to ask for help, and take it upon ourselves to set things straight, and the first option which many people look for is, Suicide.

I’m not summarizing and saying that all suicide cases are because of the abovementioned reasons. Some of them are. We are not responsible for their actions, but what we could do is, make sure that our friends know that we are always available when they need someone to listen to them or when they need help in sorting out their troubles .We could stress on the fact that, they mean a lot to us and we would always be there for them.  We might not be able to save many lives, but even If we mange to save one life, it makes the world of a difference to them.