Silent Musings of a Forlorn Heart

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

She felt lonely, even in a crowd;

Lost in her thoughts, miles away from where she was.

If she was quiet, they said she wasn’t outgoing,
If she spoke, they said she was garrulous.

She learnt lessons in life the hard way, invariably;

When she cracked jokes, they took her seriously,
When did she speak seriously, they called it silly.

She was asked to be honest;
Not wanting to hurt them, she was polite,
But when she spoke honestly, they said she was hurting.

She was very friendly; they took her for granted,
She ignored those who ignored her, they said she was rude.

She followed her heart in choosing her pals,
She listened to her mind to break ties with her friend turned foes.
If she was happy, she had only the wind for company,
If she was sad, all she had was the lonely deserted room,
If she wanted to cry, she would cry herself to sleep.

 If she did something, it definitely was wrong,
If others did something, they were always right.

She was one confused soul.
They said something and meant something else;
She wondered why they don’t speak plainly
And tell things they way they are.

She wondered why they complicate things,
For themselves and for others as well.

Was the world unfair to her?

Or was she too naïve for this world?
She had an answer, but she knew it wouldn’t matter.

If only she had lived for herself
If only her heart and mind had guided her well
She wouldn’t be here, alone and miserable,
Wondering how and where it all went wrong.

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

30 thoughts on “Silent Musings of a Forlorn Heart

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  1. Sometimes the world is completely unfair… And interpret things just the way it shouldn't be… You can't help it!!

    Nicely written Ashwini. You've captured all those unfair situations!! Liked it… Nice read!!


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