Book Review : Are you the one for Me, By Chital Mehta

“Are you the one forMe?”. As the title goes, This book by Chital Mehta revolves around the life of a woman, as she sets out to find her Mr Right, her experiences of being in love with her dream guy, the heart breaks she suffers, her resolution never to fall in love; with a lot of theatrics, typical of us Indian girls;and then naturally going on to break her resolution. Chital Mehta brings out what every woman goes through emotionally, when they set out to find out the right person for them.

Khushi, the central character in the novel, works at an advertising agency, Creative Visions. It was not what she would call, her dream job, since it was not doing very well, for the fact that nothing was creative regarding the advertisements which was being made there. She manages to survive there, thanks to Tina and Tony, her best friends at work, who are there for her whenever she needs them. She lives with her Rachu, her roommate, who is another very good friend, someone she could trust upon and someone she could turn to when in despair. The story begins with how Khushi is dumped by Rohit, whom she considered her ideal pair and how her friends help her overcome the situation and help her come back to normalcy.

Khushi tries to socialize and meet different people on the advice of her friends, but she finds it difficult to take Rohit from her heart, though he ditched her in a very unfair way. Trying her best to cope up, she gets involved in her work much more than ever, so that it might divert her mind. Her mom, more like her friend, talks to Khushi and tries to pacify her and asks her not to shut herself from the world. Amidst this, Creative Visions gets a new boss, a Mr Jai Walia, a perfectionist when it comes to work. Though initially Kushi does’t strike a chord, she begins to respect him and gets attracted to him, when he appreciates her work and when he takes care of her when she was sick. How Khushi meets people and finally decides who might be right for her, forms the rest of the story.

The Author has brought out the ups and downs which women generally face, not just when it comes to matrimony, but also, coping with circumstances which life throws at random, especially when we are least expecting it. Khushi is a character which shapes up the emotions of most women. Throughout the story, we see nothing which is far-fetched or too good to be true, it’s just plain, simple, believable thoughts, which the author has written out in an engaging manner. Life is not always fair to us, and that is put forth in this book in a good way. Overall, A very good read. 

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  1. looks like a good book..But i have different taste and i have set a goal..that after reading all the novels by john grisham i'll touch other one's currently i am at 12 out of 23-25(i guess), so i frankly speaking, i am not going to read this now 😛 (kidding, i'll try to read this asap, found it interesting 🙂 )


  2. Sounds like a pucca Bollywodd movie, no?

    I too like John Grisham but one of the most boring books I've ever read in my life is A Painted House. Have you read that? Godddddddd!!!


  3. @ Anne.
    Ha Ha. Yes yes. And I should have been clear, I like some John Grisham novels, Not all of them. And no I haven't read the book you mentioned. Will make sure I don't read it :P, Thanks

    @ Rahul
    INdeed 🙂


  4. Hey Ashwini… nice review.. But guess what, this book is strikingly similar to 'the (in)eligible bachelors' !! The overall story is similar.. Hmmm.. So, who got inspired from whom – or both the books might have got inspiration from “foreign” book 😀


  5. @ Binu Thomas.

    Yes the structure is similar, but they way it's told is different. Different styles. 🙂

    @ Kranth
    It was. Trust me.

    @ Prateek

    Really Nice to meet you too 🙂


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