"Your-Blog-Is-Great" Award

*Drum Roll*

 Yay!!! It’s time to celebrate, Again 🙂
Thank you Namrata Mahalingam  for giving me the award. I’m so honored to receive it from you 🙂
I’ve already listed seven things about me here, Anyway here is another 7 things about me.
* I value Trust. If anyone breaks my trust and stabs me from behind, I might not show it out, but hate them once and for all.
*I’m getting interested in Photography of late. 
*I’m emotional and sensitive.
* At times, I am stubborn. It might be for some silly reason, but I never change my opinion on certain things and certain people once I make up my mind.
*I choose quickly(not in haste) without taking much time. So my shopping is done in no time.
* I just love Ice Creams. My friends know my craving for Ice creams very well 🙂
* I can stay awake late into the night, But getting up early morning is very difficult for me. 
And Now, passing on the award, I like to take this as a chance to appreciate certain blogs which I just love reading( My favourite blogs). So here goes the awards.
Conversations~ Sujatha Sathya
Ahamkaara ~ Sahana Rao
Khoj ~ Subhrasis Adhikari
The Blunt Blog ~ Chintan Gupta
Reflections ~ Vipul Grover
Global Madrasi ~ R.Ramesh
Words ~ Saru Singhal 
Shadow dancing with mind ~ Shashi

Writing For Life ~Raaji ( She was kind enough to read my blogs when I just started blogging. A Special Thank you for that 🙂

All the bloggers mentioned here are eminent bloggers. I’m just an amateur and I don’t consider myself great enough to judge them and give them these awards. Just a token of my appreciation. Hope you guys like it.

26 thoughts on “"Your-Blog-Is-Great" Award

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  1. Congo on the award Ashwini… The celebration continues!!! I think its high time you give a treat 🙂 🙂

    Great to know about other 7 things here.. And you can finish your shopping soon??!! Hmmm… great going! 🙂


  2. @ Anand

    Thank you :). I wanted to tag you as well, But then I thought I'd let you bask in the success of the “Versatile Blogger” and give you a much better award. Coz this is just like showing my appreciation for all those great bloggers we were talking about, the other day.

    And yes, I finish Shopping in no time, :), Strange?


  3. Congratulations Ashwini…..i wish you get more n more..:))

    and congrats to all those who got it from you..i have been reading few of them listed here, they are really good in their respective style……



  4. Thank you so very much. 🙂
    i told agree with you on the waking up in the morning thing. I can stay up till morning, but not wake up.
    I loooooooooooooooooooove icecream.

    Thanks again. 🙂


  5. congratsss…and thanks sooo much for this…infact this is my 3rd in a day…feels great to receive this awards even though i am not being able to write posts myself…


  6. Congrats once again Ash! And thanks for showering praises on me too!!! Although we blog more for our satisfaction it feels wonderful to be appreciated by like-minded and talented people 🙂

    And I can sense your love for ice creams from your profile description itself! Oh and am totallllyyy a “late-to-bed-late-to-rise” type too!


  7. @ SUB, Sujatha, Chintan, Anne

    I'm a big fan of all your blogs. They are just AWESOME. So good to read them all. You guys deserve much more. Just a small token of my appreciation :).


  8. awwww.. thnq so mch neighbour 🙂
    blogger eminence keeps shifting.. presently u r mch more eminent with me.. nd thn u also hd ur 49 secs of fame 😉
    Lets get together at some ice cream parlor soon :p


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