Chennai IndiBlogger Meet October 2011

My 49 seconds of Fame
IndiBlogger Meet at ‘Namma Chennai” And I was going to miss it? Not at all! 
I was super excited when I received a mail from Indiblogger, about the Chennai Meet which they’d planned, since this was going to be the first time I would be  participating and I made sure I’d made arrangements to see to it that I do not have any prior engagements on the same day. Though I did not know many bloggers from Chennai( Yes, that was before the Meet, Now I know a lot of them from Chennai), I was looking forward to see those whom I’d established contact with and of course, to meet new bloggers and make new friends as well.

I reached there before the event was set to begin and I was surprised to see that people were actually busy with their mobiles than socializing with the fellow bloggers. It was then that I was informed we could use the Wi-Fi and tweet about the meet which was happening then. (We were actually trending on twitter that day. How cool!) And after a few good introductions among ourselves,( with the eminent food bloggers) the much awaited event, began.
The first thing which they mentioned was, Never before had an Indiblogger meet started on time and in fact, It was the first time that people were all on time for the meet. Of course, when one is in Chennai, what less can they expect?  After initial rounds of applause and freebies (I got a laptop skin 🙂 we moved on to the ’49 seconds of fame’, where Bloggers were chosen at random and asked to speak for 49 seconds. It was nice to know the face behind each blog, listen to their interests and what they had to say about their blogs. I made a quick list of what I would speak, if my name were to appear on the screen, I thought of a few points and when I held the mike, I completely forgot about them and managed to do a neat job, sans any stammering.
Talking about this screen, when people registered on entering the hall, our names were displayed on the screen, saying “Ashwini walked in 2 minutes ago”. It made me feel like a celebrity.(Seriously, yes!). Then the Marketing manager and a few others from Tata Motors, took us through the Tata Grande Dicor, about its features and design. In fact, he did mention that they were surprised by the turnout, since they never imagined that bloggers from Chennai would participate with so much of enthusiasm.
Later, when it was time for High Tea(great spread, Coffee was A1), I met Vipul Grover, Anand Arun, Sulaiman Sait, Kaushik and Vishnu. It was such a pleasure talking to them.  We were discussing about bloggers from other states and that is when we were talking about Sujatha, Sahana, Saru, Subhrasis, Anne John, and a few others, whose names we did not know, but we were able to remember their blog names. Funny, how in the blogosphere, you aren’t able to place a person by their name, but by their Blog name and URL. I then met Shashi, I was in touch with him earlier, after he had mailed me about my Open Page Article.

Just when I was done talking with him, there was this Marketing  Manager, who was standing next to be, waiting for his coffee. I introduced myself and said that I would be starting work with TCS from the next month. I could sense a change in his facial expression, and he proudly said “ Welcome to the Tata Family, Ashwini. It is a Big family indeed.” I was feeling great and said I was looking forward to be an integral part of it. He then asked me about what I write in my blogs, and having listened to the conversation I had with Shashi, he asked me what I’d written for the Open Page. I told him all about my blogs and what I write about and that article in particular.Felt nice when someone enquired about my blog with so much of interest.

We were back to the hall, now with a sheet and a sketch to share our blog links with others. It was at this time, when I was roaming about meeting many people and asking for their blog links, that I realized, I had either read most of the blogs before, or I was familiar with the names and the blog names, to a considerable extent.I made so many new friends then. It felt good when people were able to  recognize my name and blog and even took time to appreciate me for it.
My Sheet

We  were then asked to choose one among the discussion forums. Majority of us opted for the No-Agenda group, which was the most happening group there. We showed our Chennai Spirit, we had fun, laughing and playing truth or dare. Everyone took it in the right spirit and carried out the dare given to them. At one point, almost everyone from the other groups where looking at us, wondering what on earth we could be doing, considering the amount of noise we made and the fun we had. It was memorable.


 We then proceeded to take a group snap,collected our T Shirts, and we also had a small photo session by ourselves( thanks to Kalyan and to all those who clicked pictures that day and were kind enough to share it with the others later.) and we left Hyatt after what was one the best evening ever, in the lives of the Chennai Bloggers.
Chennai Bloggers @ Indiblogger Meet
Looking forward to the next meet at Chennai.  

42 thoughts on “Chennai IndiBlogger Meet October 2011

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  1. u remembered me there?! i am blushing – seriously.

    actually you & Anand added me on FB on the same day & i was wondering what's the connection- college mates or what. thanks Ashwini for remembering me 🙂

    u know, we never had a group photo :((
    & no welcome juice :((
    and the event didn't start on time :((

    now i wish i had attended chennai meet 🙂


  2. oh yeah,that was a grand gala evening and do you remember people took cues from your Hindu article news and started spoofing their own stories?? That was fun…

    The no agenda group and the whole bunch of new bloggers were all pumping the excitement. Glad to have met you there 🙂 🙂

    @Sujatha: Yes, we spoke about you, your blog and the other fellow bloggers. Wish we could have met when you were in Chennai. And did Ashwini & I added u on FB on the same day? Didn't know that and interesting though!! (great minds think alike!!? :p) And she is a celebrity blogger here as her articles are published in national newspapers and all 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. @ PeeVee
    It was fun. And you could have come to Chennai.

    Yes we did. 🙂
    How could we not talking about people like you in a bloggers forum? 🙂
    Now, this is another reason you'll want to say 'Why not Chennai' , right? (Just read your recent blog posts ) 🙂


  4. Thanq for the group..I dint have the group photo..Nd yeah meeting ya was fun and the full meet itself was a hell lotta fun..Was my first and I too was thinking of skipping it and thank god I dint!!
    try checking out my blog and commenting..


  5. @Irfan
    Yes we did. Hoping to see you at another Blogger meet.

    It was as good as how it sounds!

    You can get more photos from Kalyan and Shashi's blog as well.


  6. Wow, awesum descriptio of the meet Ashwini 🙂

    I hd two minds to go fr this one but finally hd to opt out of it at the last minute.. my loss truly…

    Am glad tht u hd fun n gr8 to see ur write up on the meet fr us guys who cud not make it 🙂

    Nice work, Ashwini 🙂


  7. I'm so jealous of you and Anand. Anand has posted his picture on FB. Even, I want a T-shirt…Anyways, I'm so happy after reading your post…Thanks for sharing…You made us a part of it!!!


  8. WOW!! What a sum-up! Wonderful write-up and pics. How unknown people connect themselves through indiblogger is a beautiful thing!

    LOVED IT! How I wish there could be ONE indiblogger meet where EVERYONE can meet. Sigh. I know I am asking something extremely difficult.


  9. @ Happy go lucky
    Thank you. And If I'm not wrong there was a Meet at Banglore recently I suppose. Still, next time,don't miss it. It's so much fun 🙂

    Oh, another TCSer, nice to know that. Thank you 🙂


  10. Hi.. I hav read many posts on blogger meets.. but never one so engaging nd well written.. 🙂 glad to hear u had fun.. i've never been to one yet.. :(. but i hope i will soon.. 🙂


  11. @ Saru
    Jealous of Anand? Check my Dp in facebook as well :D.
    Yes, how could people not talk about Saru's WORDS in a bloggers'Meet? 🙂

    @ Sahana
    Thank you Sahana. I'm sure you would have done an even better job writing about the Meet. And believe me, the other day we were just talking about what you said, A meet where everyone can meet. We know it's not practical. Lets see 🙂


  12. @ Arpitha
    Thank you. I'm Honoured. Glad to know that you found my write up “Engaging and well written”. You just made my day. And next time there is a Blogger meet, try as much possible to participate. A different experience indeed!

    Thank you once again Arpitha 🙂


  13. Somebody spoke abt me?!? Really?! God promise?! Wow! now I feel like a celebrity! lol!

    Sooo happy for you! Generally speaking I am not sure if I would attend such blogger meets because the whole idea of meeting strangers fills me with dread!! I am tooo nervous and shy and scared and paranoid abt making new friends! But I am glad you had a great time!


  14. @ Anne
    Yes Yes. we did speak about you :). And if there's a blogger meet in UAE, do attend, don't give in to your fears.You'll realize its worth it 🙂

    @ Susan
    Hi Susan. Of course I remember you well. Thanks to the 49 seconds of fame. Thank you 🙂


  15. That was a great sum up!!!!

    Nice to meet you Ashwini!! I was even more glad when u came to me and said, I do follow your blogs!!!

    Aah…I was in the cloud Nine!!

    //Welcome to the Tata Family, Ashwini. It is a Big family indeed.
    Wooww!! that wud hv been an awesome moment for you hearing those words from him!!

    It was really fun!!!

    Hoping to meet you in yet another meet!!


  16. @ Kalyan
    Thank you. Yes nice to meet you too. 🙂
    You helped us preserve memories of that wonderful meet with your photos. Thanks a lot.

    And yea, it was nice to be addressed that way.

    Hoping to see you and the rest in another Meet as well.



  17. Extremely well written. I have been a part of the indiblogger community for a very short while now, but I have already started making friends, sharing information, getting feedback, and constructive criticism. I hope we will be lucky enough to experience something like this in Hyderabad soon too.


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