Book Review : I Luv My Lyf ,By Chital Mehta

I Luv My Lyf . A book by Chital Mehta. This book is about a teenage girl who has just completed her School and is all set to join College. As she steps into an entirely different world, she faces the reality of life and realizes that college life, though fun and happening, is not a bed full of roses. She meets new people and tries to step out of the boundary which she once made for herself and  tries making new friends. This book takes us through her three years in College, her relationship with her friends, the misunderstandings, the ragging and everything one would have experienced in their college lives.

Nisha Moti, is basically a shy person who learns to be content with who she is.After reasoning it out with her parents who were initially reluctant to send Nisha to study at Coimbatore from Tirupur, she manages to convince them and enrolls in a college at Coimbatore.Just like any other teenager, she is very excited at the prospect of having to attend college. Being a shy person, she struggles to break the ice and befriend her classmates, though most of her classmates are the type, who would go out of the way and socialize.She is not orthodox, just a tad conservative and takes time to adjust with new people and new atmosphere. She comes across a different mixture of people from diverse backgrounds and she realizes she does not have the nerve to cope up with many of them. 
Nisha’s best friend Nikki, is the exact opposite of what Nisha was. She was outspoken and very friendly and was more outgoing. She helps Nisha through the various ups and downs which Nisha is put through. Together with her friends, what was once a boring and strenuous journey, with assignments and work keeping them busy 24*7, they learn to have fun while bunking classes and catching up with movies as a gang. From being suspended for playing with colours during Holi, to their very memorable final year trip to Goa, they learn what life is about, with its own share of happiness, fights, fears and sadness. Finally, as they bid farewell , promising to each other, they realize how college life has prepared them to face the  vagaries of Life.
This book is written entirely from a girl’s perspective and it would reach out well to them. This book describes everything which one faces during their college days. From the emotional swings to crushes to disappointments, it’s all in there. Overall, One could pick it up for a light reading.

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  1. Ashwini! Your book reviews are leaving me on a guilt-trip 😦 I just cannot squeeze time for books!
    Liked the review. I will keep this book in to read list, which will get 200 odd place.. *Sad me*


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