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Everything in life comes down to how one learns the art of balancing. It is defined by a line.

For instance,If you need to measure the level of confidence of a person on a scale, it would range from, Not confident, Confident, to Over Confident.

At the outset it would be easy to distinguish people who are not confident and those who are over confident. But how would you define a confident person? Somewhere between the Over-confident and the Not so confident people are those with the optimum level of confidence, in the midst of the two, bang on the line. Swaying a little to either of the sides would make a difference, gradually. So it all depends on that thin line of separation between the two. One shouldn’t appear too humble which would portray that they have no confidence. Neither should one appear as a ”know-it-all”, which would go on to say they are over confident. It should be a proportionate balance between the two.

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

Let’s just say Tom has a test. Let’s assume he has prepared considerably well. Now if he keeps saying, “Oh, I don’t know, I’m not too sure about what I read”, despite having prepared well, being in that state of mind, would affect his performance in an adverse manner. On the other hand, if he keeps saying “Yea, I know all this. Just simple stuff, Not worth going over it again”,  he would falsely give an impression,  implying that he knows the whole history behind it and no one can challenge his knowledge about it. This Again, will have an adverse effect. For Tom, the trick to being confident here is, Knowing that he has prepared well, to an extent, yet being on the lookout for some unexpected things which might be thrown at him. So he’s confident and cautious, and firmly grounded.

It doesn’t matter which side of the line you stand, All that matters is how you managed to stay in the middle and maintain that balance.

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Life is like a see-saw. You sit at one end, and the world is at the other end, When you go down, the world looks down upon you. When you go up, the world looks up to you. You can continue oscillating between the two extremes but you would lack that consistency and you would be undependable. Anyone can play with the see-saw, by going up and down. But the trick is knowing  the art of staying on par , maintaining a state of equilibrium with the other end. Success or failure, Happiness or sorrow, you know not to yield in to your emotional state and keep your feet firmly grounded and stay balanced.

Any day people prefer standing on a solid ground, than on a trampoline. You might go up in the air, but it’s short-lived, you know that soon you will have to down.