Book Review : ‘Conversations’ By Rajeev Nanda

This book by Rajeev Nanda is collection of stories, or rather, conversations about Life. It includes a few poetic verses as well. The words in the poem and the meaning conveyed through those powerful emotions portrayed by the words, are more than enough for anyone to realize, why Life has not been going the way they hoped it would. It addresses the simple needs and thoughts, which naturally most of us take it for granted. The poems point to the various themes which the author discusses in the book. There is a story for every theme that handles the various aspects and the varying phases in one’s life.

A few excerpts from the Book.

“I have a million reasons to exist,
But , all I need is a passion to feel alive”

According to me, this seemingly simple yet reflective sentence, does it all. All one has to do, is to analyse and apply this to their life, and see if they still hold the passion or lost it out in the journey of life.

“Before I seek out, I need to look within.”

How True. Often, we end up searching for a particular thing, everywhere else, other than where it would obviously be present. In a similar way, we always try to look for inspiration from some unknown source and we fail to notice that we can always derive inspiration from within.

“In relentless effort to optimize time,
I rushed through a lifetime;
Now, I search for moments of joy”

Typical of us human beings. We are so focussed in planning for our future, that we forget to live in the present, and when we actually are in that future, which we once dreamt of, we keep worrying about the past. Human beings take the present for granted and are always in the quest for future, thereby forgetting the very fact that the present moment, once lost would never come back and that it has to be cherished and enjoyed.

There are many more of such wonderful lines, I just chose to write about the best, the ones which impressed me, in a way, more than I could probably imagine.  I believe in destiny, like the author. May be, I was destined to receive this book, through Blogadda because I like reading books about Life, it’s inner meaning, the purpose of it, the introspections. For people who like to read books of this kind, please read it. I’m not talking about it making a radical change in your lives, rather I cannot assure you, But you would have the sense of satisfaction of having finally solved a puzzle or answered a question which was bothering you for so long.

Sometimes when I need an answer for something, I don’t go looking for it, everywhere, or ask others because, every individual’s life is different. We may be dependent on our family and friends, still the way we live life and our outlook is completely different from others. I look from within and introspect. That way, this book may not answer all your questions about life, but yes it would help you find the answers to what you were seeking.

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5 thoughts on “Book Review : ‘Conversations’ By Rajeev Nanda

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  1. yay a book named Conversations – the title of my blog! :))

    loved those lines: a million reasons to exist but a passion to feel alive.

    let me see if i can get a hold of this book
    thanks for the nice review


  2. @ Raaji
    Thanks for dropping by 🙂
    If you are interested, you can click on the link to order your copy 🙂

    Cheers! Great people think alike, Next I'm waiting to write a review for your book 🙂
    There are many more such wonderful, inspiring and soul stirring lines. Try Reading it.
    Thank you 🙂


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